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My heart knows no sleeps
Ever awakes to bask

So funny a world we are
Everything so fake just about to break
Ain't there all illusion?

Not where we used to be
Things ain't the same again
This we never bargain
Just yesterday I moved freely

I can't marry a poet
One who listens with heart
Silence his loudest echoes
Turning me to deaf and dumb

Let me not into shame
For in you I thrust out my love
Do you care to see me cry?
What felony have I committed?

This odd we both take
The deal we both signed
Away with the dead seal
Matching through the ghost land

The jungli hoodlums
Ready to ravage with no conscience
Jungle justice got justice killed
With no letter to court

I came with a gift
Given by the Creator
As i grow it becomes a pride
A treasure with no measure

I'm fine indeed
Just away from outside
Indoors with no bread
Little I eke

All alone it's came
So sudden she thought less
She knew no path to the experts
There she knew she needs die

My Crush
Did I tell you how infectious you are
Causing me sick
With this smiling ailment

In the ancient city away
On trodden, fallen walls of Zimbabwe
Uniformed with rods in hands
The merciless men attack

On this track
I'll stay
dare not swift away
even not to the fastest

The little things we did
How colossal a memory
Memory not forgotten
Time flies leaving it all behind

This could be us
Before leaving to study
The algebra 'X'
Becoming my Ex


Once upon a man
For love's sake

At the centre of it all
I stood the centre of attraction
Aloof the curves and sexiness
The enthusiasm of love

Time too late to let go
In a jiffy have driven through the thorns of misery
Have been battered and shattered
Heard them said"you're worthless"?

Inspire me oh Lord I pray
For I know less than I think
I wake up each morning to say "I will be there"
Nothing's changing

As the evening sun set ⛅
through curtains, diving in my little aboard
With a sensational 'hello'
There I lie thinking and rolling

Mfonobong Ituen Biography

Mfonobong Patrick Ituen is hail from Itu, local government area, Ekid Iran, Akwa Ibom State. She is a Nigerian. She obtained a BSc in Linguistics and Nigeria languages in the University of Uyo, in Akwa Ibom State. She is a writer. She writes on all genres of literature but focuses more on poetry. She writes articles and essays as well. She is a freelancer, a bilingual translator and an aspiring journalist.)

The Best Poem Of Mfonobong Ituen

To My Moon Master


My heart knows no sleeps
Ever awakes to bask
Around your warmth embrace
Echoing this myth of grace

Let the earth hear us now
For we're surety for a sow
Whose fruit will be found on every lips
Singing us to moon and back

Herald the Angels sing
Our glorious "love song"
Over the moon it shall ring
At this "PLUG" nothing goes wrong

Aloft we stay
So far doing ourselves good
With perfect kisses
Enticing alluringly
For these, I so much miss

Let's gulp down this honey and be horny
Here in our horny moon
Till dawn and dusk
Come to meet us same
Just as we lie

Longing to have you NOW
As I take this "DHOW"
To sail all night to see you someday☺️☺️

_Mfonobong Ituen (funkysink ✍️)

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Edikan E. Essien 25 May 2020

Am glad to be here.

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Fubara D Batubo 24 May 2020

Simple arrangement of words that build castles in our imagination. Good.

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Mfonobong Ituen Quotes

'never estimate your opponent'

'No time is right for all times are right just don't see less of anytime'

Struggle continues untill we match out the sands of time.

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Mfonobong Ituen Popularity

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