Subbuduiyer Lali

The Waters - Poem by Subbuduiyer Lali

The waters
Water has been always my fascination, my mother
A bone of contention, a resource, in absence crops wither
It takes many forms, rain to puddle and pool and pond
Perennial flowing, waters clear moving with whirl wind
Whirlpools created, currents that I tested, back waters I rewind
Water has always been my fascination holding her hands I am toddler

Down the memory lane, I feel water and water, my mother
At times I drown in pond of tears, water dreadful she is thither
Water has something to tell me, heart wrenches I go she is there
Wanted to tell agony and ecstasy, I wonder, begin can I ever
My mother, days and night I grew up in her embrace so dear
Waters have been a fascination time immemorial, waves on me smear.

I began with sea, the bay near our house, the thunder roars and she is angry
She has some news to share with, waits for me, I go for the pangs she is angry
I pacify her, she starts windy and stormy weather in furor, she is hungry
I played on her shores; she changed colors, noon and night waves awry
Taught me life lessons, hunger, anger, calm and word, the language she is dreary
Water has always been a fascination and fatal attraction even if I am in worry

Shores eroded I have no place to stand now, but see my old mother engage
She senses my presence, her hands to embrace rise, the piers images in rampage
Touches my hands, feet and face, I advance through, sun no sear I leverage
I have something new, to say to her but no words, tears roll down, entourage
I stand mute and feet for her touch, shore not broad enough waters, seepage
Water has always been by fascination, I go back to her heavy the mileage

Duties beckon less time for my mother she is angry and rough in tears
She will be there eternal, I am not but she waits for me and the piers
I follow the course the rivers initiate hope and I am never sad, it is a river
Rivers remind me of you and me together, Cauvery and Coleroon, abridge newer
It gushes out, moving the boulders mighty and rolling stones and mud, a primer
Waters always have been my fascination I prefer my mother to river

Sea calls for erudite me I am insane short comings many, I am run over
Life ran over me and my pieces strewn all over mother helps me still to gather
Teaches impermanence and existence cyclic, many miles ahead to steer
Mother Waters seat of knowledge and wisdom I am novice, unclear
Her waves hold me and I drown to reach her core, the womb, it is fair
Waters always my fascination dent and help me vent out my fear

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem is written by me in a very emotionally disturbed state and water as a symbol of end of life I have taken it as the idea and the impermanence of life is shown

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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