The Way To Write The Truth - Poem by RIC BASTASA

it is when you write the truth
that words become accurate,
they become so touching, and those who hear them
identify with them
in the most sentimental manner

perhaps because truth is a sentiment
something that strikes the heart rather than the mind
it is something so personal that someone does not even want to speak about it

it is not spoken because no words can take it from its clarity
every detail is an obvious and
intricate design
in fact there is a map there
that connects you and
the speaker & the other listener
over there

the bridge becomes so strong
that all men in all walks of life with their women
begin to cross
in silence but with the full understanding that this is it
it is us

sometimes i tell you that i am lying
that is the best truth that i can give you
for a while that the pain is not that strong
for fear that it crosses that path that leads to you
and then
i will be too unfair
to give it to all of you
like a Trojan horse
or the seeds of discord

it is when i write the truth
that i feel rested, because by then you will confirm what i feel
what i say, what i did not say that i feel

and then i become a part of you
and then i am not lonely anymore

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poem Edited: Thursday, April 5, 2012

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