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The Wedding - Poem by Lagaya Evans

One joyous day
The happiest moment of her life
This was the day
She would finally become his wife

She had waited it seemed a lifetime
Since she was a little girl
To find that special someone
She love more than the world

His eyes like the sky
His heart the rarest of all
In her eyes he was perfection
Handsome and standing tall

She knew he had been sent
She had thanked God many times
He was her soul mate
The meaning to all her rhymes

As she stood in the mirror
Her gown flowed to the floor
She was suddenly startled
By the banging on the door

Hurry! Come quickly!
Her brides maid all distraught
He's been in an accident
That's all the news I've got

All around her went black
As she fell to her knees
My dear God in heaven
How could this be

It seemed like an eternity
Until she was finally at his side
The doctor said, sorry Miss
You have to say, goodbye

He turned and left the room
To give them a moment alone
Tears streamed down her face
Landing on his face below

Only for a brief moment
He opened up his eyes
My baby, don't cry for me
I've had the greatest life

Just knowing your love
Made my life worth it all
I wouldn't change a thing
That day in the fall

Before he closed his eyes
One last thing he said
You look beautiful in your gown
My lovely bride to wed

I know my God has an alter
Over on the other side
There I will wait for you
Someday to be my bride

He closed his eyes a last
She kissed his battered cheek
And prayed a little prayer
I wished it had been me

She felt anger well up inside
This man God had given
Suddenly was but gone
I just can't go on living

A girls wedding day
She dreams of all her life
The day she holds forever
To be pronounced husband and wife

Tears filled the floor
As she stood and tried to breathe
She shook him, repeatedly
Please, Please, don't leave!

She slid to the floor
And clung to his bed
God have you heard my prayers
Anything I've said?

How can only but a little while
You give someone to love
Then you take him forever
With you to heaven above

I felt a hand on my shoulder
Looked around to see
There was no one standing there
No one other than me

A warm comforting peace
I felt as time didn't matter
What was I thinking
My heart all a tatter

I wouldn't trade our time
For all the wealth untold
The day he came in my life
Is worth all the memories I hold

She listened in silence
Softly she heard him speak
My daughter, I'm here for you
You know life comes from me

I breathe life from within
I don't take it after giving
I am a God of love
I am a God of living

When life does come to end
I pick up all the little parts
Carefully mold you back together
Only to make you who you are

All things I work for your good
I bring them from the bad
Only to make you stronger
Not to make you mad

The pain you feel inside
I will take away with time
The Wedding that you dream of
Will happen in your life

Promises are made to keep
Written in a vow
I will be your best man
The Wedding you dream of now

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