David Munene wa Kimberly

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The What, How, Whoever - Poem by David Munene wa Kimberly

The sweetest melody may not have the sweetest beat
The sweetest beat may not have been the best hit
The brightest shine may not be the hottest after all
The hottest shine may not be the brightest overall
The cutest smile may not be in the happiest moment
The happiest moment may go without a smile to comment
The hottest tear may not be when we hurt the most
The times when we hurt the most may lack the tear – the hottest
The loveliest day may never have anything lovely
The things lovely may never be in the days overly lovely
The coldest month may never cause anyone to shiver
The shiver may be in a day full of chattering weaver

What happiness can do may never be full
What fullness is might impress only a fool
What perfection seems to be may only be imperfection
What imperfection seems like may be the imperfect perfection
What the season brings may give us no reason to smile
What the reason to smile brings may only to your troubles pile
What tender care offers may only be genuine pain
What genuine pain offers may never be a grotesque stain
What the mirror reflects may never be the real image
What the real image is may vary when it comes to rage
What the loveliest praise does may only be to destruct
What destruct does may only come to loss of lovely praise distract

How we view things may never be the same
How things view us could always bring us shame
How we portray love may never be similar
How love portrays itself will never be dissimilar
How we write may comprise nothing of the same sort
How the nothing we have is so Siamese-like you cannot distort
How we argue out situations may be varied
How varied we are when we argue is not nay situation arid
How we choose the cigar may never be look-alike
How look-alike we are when we puff the cigar no difference can strike
How long we last in relationships may be of total variance
How long variance hovers on our relationships attracts compulsory alliance

Whoever said it wasn’t going to be easy was wrong
Whoever said not it wasn’t going to be easy has taken long
Whoever thinks it has to be hard to succeed will never get sad
Whoever feels it is not hard to succeed will never get mad
Whoever convinces us that we are different is no different
Whoever convinces us we are never different is not indifferent
Whoever seems to care may never care for self
Whoever seems careless may never suffer the weight of your shelf
Whoever comes and goes may never have intended to stay
Whoever comes and stays may never have intended to never be away
Whoever I talked about may never have ever lived
Whoever has lived to see this line has or hasn’t believed;
Whoever hasn’t believed and has this come to see;
Whoever they might be risks wallowing and drowning in their own sea…

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