Andrea Valles Mata

The Wheels Turn - Poem by Andrea Valles Mata

There was a time when he was your hero,
There was a time she could do no wrong,
Now he sighs when he thinks of tomorrow,
Now a sigh has replaced her song.

Was it only yesterday when she straightened your shirt,
And ruffled your hair and sent you to school,
Was it only yesterday, from behind Mama's skirt,
You got Dad to bend his rule.

They had such plans, they gave it their all,
To see you stand proud and tall,
How little it took, to make their hearts glow,
Now how their heart breaks when you show them the door.

I have my own life, your views are out of fashion,
This you tell them when they advise caution,
What have they done? What gives them the right?
To rule your life and hamper your sight.

They are old now and can't they see
That you are young and want to be free.
To make your own mistakes.

And their hearts break
As they see you make a mess
Of your life and return to confess

Mama, Papa, don't be mad
I really didn't mean to be bad
I have so much to see and do,
My youth is slipping by, I have to hurry
Please try and understand - wont you?

They smile and give thanks for their little nestling returned to the nest
Though they realize it is only for a little rest,
For soon, a little wiser, you take to the skies once more
And this time leave for a more distant shore

And once more they will be on their own,
The two of them in the world alone,
And as days fly by, they'll wonder if it was worth their while,
All their struggles, the sacrifice behind the smile.

And before you know it, they'll be gone
And the wheel turns to a new dawn
As little eyes look up to you
Little arms demanding love true

And for one moment, life will halt -

"Mama, Papa, did I ever thank you,
Did you know I owe it all to you
I never, ever said it out loud,
But in your heart, I think you knew"

Topic(s) of this poem: family

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this poem in 1993, I was very young and just about making my own way in the world. It was a year before I got married.20 years have passed and I once more find inspiration in my family. My own children are ready and straining to leave the nest. A full circle.

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