Dionne K. Kelly

The Woman Speaks Truth - Poem by Dionne K. Kelly

Afraid. We’re all afraid of something or someone. Even with all of our differences…different things seen…different things done…there is one thing we all have in common…FEAR. Not fear of spiders bees accidents or even death. No the fear we share is one on a much deeper level…we all fear the TRUTH…

So caught up in the scandals…the video games…the stock market…the internet…the daytime TV dramas…who’s whose baby mamas…We let the media tell us what is TRUTH…what is right. With the politicians…athletes…armed services…entertainers telling our children what to fight for.

Then when something goes wrong we blame it on the gangsta rap…violent movies…television shows…video games. What kind of example are we setting for our children? Should our goal be to seek revenge by bombing other countries? Should it be to show our so-called power by meddling in the affairs of other homelands? Or should our goal be to reach…to teach…touch to teach…our own nation’s youth that TRUE change… TRUE progress…TRUE development begins at HOME?

How can we call ourselves leaders when we’re too busy dippin in everyone else’s business…too busy following others. We really need to ban together as sisters and brothers of this could be great nation…encourage the use of imagination and improvisation. Things will not change on their own. If you TRULY seek change…stop complaining and do something to make that change happen for yourself.

But none of y’all wanna hear me. Jack Nicholson said you can’t handle the TRUTH. I think he’s right. Nobody seems to be brave enough to open their eyes…their ears…and see what’s really going on. This woman speaks TRUTH. Can anybody hear me? Is anybody listening?


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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 20, 2009

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