Estefano Molina

The World Behind My Door - Poem by Estefano Molina

I enjoy it
Those few seconds
Here she comes
Looking as beautiful as ever
Tight jeans to compliment her legs
Hair straightened down to her back
Leather jacket fitted to her body
Red lips with a careless smile
And those high heels clacking on the pavement
Walking casually up to my door

She knocks
And I examine
I have to
She knocks once more
And I immerse in her beauty
I must
She knocks again
And I open the door
I'm obliged to
And her smile vanishes
She says nothing
Staring a hole through the ground

I get it
I understand
We never met
Or laid next to each other
Never touched
Or felt my breath on her neck
Slept in comfort
Knowing she laid peacefully next to me
Or Blessed me with her presence
When in the morning I opened my eyes
It never happened
So I close the door
To please her once again

I watch behind the door
There she goes once more
Beautiful as ever
Tight jeans
Leather jacket
High heels
Luscious hair down her back
Red lips
And a smile

Topic(s) of this poem: want

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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