Olusegun Akanbi

Rookie - 20 Points (28/09/1976)

The World Of Fraud - Poem by Olusegun Akanbi

Stolen golden treasure chest
Dead man lying on his chest
Discarded like garbage
Because we act like we all savage
Eaten by vultures
As greed transcends cultures
Lying gypsies
False omens like eclipses
Fake prophecies
They packed their bags for those ill fated odysseys
Yardstick to success is how much property we hold
We are no longer human because all we seek is gold
We know not our future because it is untold
And decided to destroy that of an unborn soul
So that the onlooker will behold
Our fabulous riches and majestic comportment
Our foundation is weak
And so is our government
When an empire reaches its peak
It is natural for it to decline
Chills runs down my spine
As I try to unwind
And enjoy music and wine in the grape vine
By the way
Which is not mine?
So I am about to be evicted
Foolish rich man who owned the whole world
Lost his soul
And achieved his goal
He amassed a lot of coins
But vanished from the earth
His body is dump in a hole
Naked and he return without a dime to hold
No matter how much we have
We are penniless when it time
Decomposing corpses with nauseating smell
They burned down Syria and turn it to a hell
All because of power and money
Oh yes that rings a bell
How much hardships the Syrians have gone through
They could not tell?
Africa became a birthday cake
In 2013 so that all these black ogres can take
Negroes fought their brothers for thousands of years
Did not invest in science because nobody cares
In return for muskets and the cheap liquor
They sold their seeds
In return for vanity
They relish madness and rave in insanity
Time travels faster
Than the rays of light
And we will all be left behind
When darkness consumes what is bright
A hundred years
A Thousand years
All that is just numbers
Fools crave after material things
Diamond wristwatches and gold rings
Automobiles that travel faster than a jet
A hundred million dollars on a bet
But why do you seek my quarter
When you already have all you need to get
They plunder the earth for all they can find
The mortgage the sun
They cheat the blind.
The moon becomes a man’s real property
Man’s reasoning becomes an absurdity
Mars is divided among men
And millions of mouth they do not extend
They run the banks
Until they are broke
They speak of corporate governance
Oh what a joke
All the trees cut down for the sake of money
The earth is milked out
Because they seek oil or her honey
The rob the poor to feed the Leach
They rob the rich to fed the Leach
Deceit and deception
See how these compulsive liars switch
Money buys justice
Money buys fame
Greed is game
While money is his name
The greed of man runs through every institution
Greed is reflected even in the constitution
Even in our schools I see it grow
Every year our tuition is increase
Didn’t you know?
All we care about is to succeed
How you go about it
Is determined by greed
And build our private Elysium in the middle a hell
Behind the ivory towers
So that the zombies are kept away
How long can we remain as prisoners?
How long can we stay?

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