John Ackerman

There Is Still More To Come

There's still more to come
wallow in the macrame to places, faces &
years ago
there's a pull or a tug at the heart to light the flame
sheer desire why does on equate logic for a tower of power
the serendipitous way you call the shots many years ago
aside from the impulse of the hidden heart,
mix words through a slight of hand
features, creatures & moving pictures

breath deep
stand still & repeat
faces, spaces & traces,
we will walk the miracle mile
through dolphin fin a newer way to begin
look deep within my faithful friend
there's a portal the meets the sun have a bit of fun
the iglow and the pee
life is but a mystery
come and sit next to me
falling apart at the seams

the ambiance as we look in the finest art of sophistication
may need a break on a long awaited vacation
the tongue is forever sparkling like oil
we all must go before the toss
I'm at a loss
a pull of the heart to light the eternal spark to where we need to go
bust up the beat to promote its tempo
that was sold out years ago
straddling the fences

like Led Zepplin we are almost second guessing,
the beat necks and sound effects through the noose
like a Motley Crue what are we to do
why do we worry always in a hurry trying to change the story why should i worry
through faint of heart want a brand new start
I just threw up in my mouth so I blame, bitch & pout
what is this life all about?
Words can lift up and bring down
Don't ever wear your head down in a frown
sugar is sweet so sweet like honey
I want to be the man who brings home the money

Signs to the left of me jokers to the right
some say I'm living in my land of make believe but who are they
careesed by the kiss of a hero's mist
the impulse of the love dazzled from heaven above
wipe away my smile infuse for laught quit the chatter get another batter
there's another Cherrios in places you ought to go but that was years ago
inflate the common ego
shattered, misguided & trampled
like Gorky Park I'm lightning a brand new part of my tender heart
guide to the never world or have you ever heard
it gets deeper as a stranger giving cadence to adventure

why should we worry the earth is our friend we can cling on a distant song
take everything out of you for a distant rescue I'm still on que
fast as lighting I'm always smiling try not hiding away from my problems
trapped within a faithful friend in which to begin all over again
look to the horizon over the other side of the mountain as a magic fountain
give creed to the hallow deed look into the abyss for your heavenly wish with a kiss
locked beneath the earth do swell in a thought out living hell
shadows block the mere vortex to a smile still to know all the great while
like Michael Jackson it's all black & white
Never relent to ever give up on the fight
you can dream big with the pen with whom you can depend
life is what you make it so stop trying to fake it make no mistake with
there's still more to come

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Poem Submitted: Friday, May 25, 2018

Form: Free Verse

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