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There's A Girl Crying In My Mirror Tonight & There's Nothing I Can Say To Make Her Feel Alright. - Poem by Prince ....

“When it comes to relationships people are always so scared of the what-if's
that they forget the what-is. They spend so much time thinking, 'What if I get
hurt? ' and 'What if it doesn't work out? ' that they stop thinking about that things
that are already real. They forget the feeling they get when the person they love
walks into the room and the excitement that rushes through them when the phone
rings 'cause it might be the person they are waiting to hear from. Never let the
fear of what-if stop you from letting yourself take a chance on love... 'cause
'what if' this is the person you're destined to spend the rest of your life with? “

When I look in the mirror this is what I see.

There’s a girl crying in my mirror tonight, and there’s nothing I can say to make her alright…

She hides in her room, tears flooding down her face.
Cleans up the cuts, tries to breathe a slower pace.
Thoughts race spastically through her head.
How can anyone look at you like they want you dead?
She stares in the mirror, mascara under her eyes.
She doesn’t know how she could believe all these lies.
“Love is blind, ” she says under her breath.
Her love addiction to him was worse than an addiction to meth.

Hands shaking, vision blurred, she picks up the phone but can’t say a word.
Her finger tips dial but she can’t see the keys
She hears his voice but her body starts to freeze.
She didn’t know why she was calling this other guy
She hangs up the phone and begins to cry.

He’s the only one there for her throughout all the pain
Little does she know he cares about her through all the rain.
Every little tear digs deep into his heart, he thinks she doesn’t care
He doesn’t know where to start.

She stays with her boyfriend because she’s so scared to leave
She doesn’t know how respect herself, so she continues to grieve.
When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t recognize the girl in the reflection
She wonders how she could change so fast all for the desire of affection.

Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about that other guy
She wishes she could tell him, without having to cry.

She doesn’t want to believe that she loves that guy
So she tells him when he asks that she feels nothing inside.
Days go by; that guy feels heavy-hearted
Days go by; she wonders how to end what she had started.

Days go by; she finally decides to do something right
She was sick of waiting upon each day for a new fight.
She got up the courage to leave her boyfriend and be strong
All for this boy- She figures things will start to come along

Tears of happiness run down her face
she can’t wait to be with him
So she begins to race.
She races up the steps, knocks on the door, taps her fingers on her sides- but nobody’s there.

Was she too late? Did he no longer care?

She begins to turn around from the sound of his laugh stop,
She turns around, both of their jaws drop; as does the girl beside that guy
All that boy could say was ‘why’? ..
‘Why after all of this time, I’ve sat there loving you, I finally give up and you know now know what you want to do.

There’s a girl crying in my mirror tonight, and there’s nothing I can say to make her feel alright.
She wishes she could have been brave, and expressed how she truly feels about that guy
but its too late now, she’s wipes her tears and decides she will no longer cry.
That guy has moved on, but has made her a stronger girl. She wishes she would have ignored the what-ifs and realized he could have been her world.

Scars still remain upon her body, as pieces of her heart remain glued together.
She learned not be afraid to love, and forget about ‘is it forever’.
She regrets not saying something and wonders ‘what if’ but,

There’s a girl in my mirror, who finally knows she is. Her memory has faded a bit, but she won’t forget any of it.

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