Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There Will Never Be A Good Time

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Don't wait a good time to tell me you'll leave me
That instant will never arrive to be here
Do not look for a chance to say you'll break free
Like under the sunset or under the tree
That miracle second will never draw near

There will be deep grief and white death in the air
There will be pain never to be eluded
Resentment nights and frustration hard to bear
An utter feeling of life not being fair
Unlike our island love once was secluded

Don't wait anymore to break me the sad news
The news of our own outlying departure
To high places beyond the song of blues
Lit only by the playful eyes of the muse
Of all delight a human heart can capture

To places where each of us can loudly hear
Only its true own voice of consolation
No stormy winds or fairly winding tear
But only the pure perfection of the sphere
And the sweet gentle breath of isolation

I hate to see you dreadfully hurt like this
Two years of terrible longing and sorrow
Two years of deplorable chasm and abyss
Two years without the tender love that we miss
Two years not knowing the face of tomorrow

Don't wait anymore to tell me you'll leave me
Don't let the sun waiting while trapped in the rain
Don't wait a lavender flower you'll not see
While trapped in grounds that are never meant to be
Don't let our love dwindle in the cup of pain

Lift up a small bird that has an wounded wing
Take off the specious weeds among the roses
For the roses to grow and at night to swing
Go where only truthful joy you're meant to bring
Grant to your soul a new metamorphoses

Don't drink your sorrow in this glass of white wine
With ice on a bright afternoon summer day
Don't plant more gladiolus in the sharp whine
Not knowing if you'll be here to see them fine
This month of May and another month of May

Don't hide yourself of your own fragile feelings
Of your own desires, your own dreams of love
Don't linger into worlds without meaning
Look in the eyes of the people you're greeting
There is music, there are birds above

Open up now, true and rare love of my life,
Open your heart and vivid thoughts to yourself
Don't leave between us the curse of a keen knife
That sounds like a gray owl, that sounds like a rife
And smells like dried relics on a worn out shelf

Open to those that always have so loved you
And endlessly have saved you in thy falling
Open the door to a new future, of true
Undoing of the spell around dreams you drew
Go in the forest and laugh while you're sprawling

You've already told me your own tomorrow
Will likely be a lot different than mine
By now you've made me feel it through the sorrow
And through the devastation that you'd borrow
From the creator of a fateful design

There have been merely a few times at all
When we have touched on the rainbow together
Your love for me, like the smile of a shy doll,
Was never there when I had to roughly crawl
And was just like a white bird with no feather

Don't wait a good time to tell me you'll leave me
The bridge has utterly sunk between our hearts
The more we wait till finally we break free
The more excruciating on our frail knee
We'll be descending where all the chaos starts
Alice Baudoin
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Manonton Dalan 10 January 2016
acceptance to inevitable is part of healing...may peace be with you....thanks for sharing
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