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street lights are still lit up
as she fills my coffee cup
with same greeting everyday
"how's your mom doing today? "

i know-
you won’t join me
beneath the moon
to taste ferments

more... i heard
your passion
pigmenting new desire
as sweet as grapes

certain stillness up above
harmony after raindrop
birds start singing again
trees dripping wet; clean

you always tell me
what’s broken yesterday
chanting of hateful memory
yet you never ask

i open my window
to let my soul
in search

… twirling key
on my hand
reminds me
of you, gone

shy cricket runs beneath the leaves
awe with moon searching for seeds
tiny antenae wiggles for safe passage
find frog’s sticky tongue on her legs

clouds mingling reflecting sun
it's bright and so great for fun
sun blocker news on this land
coco oil, orange peeling, grand

funneling rain by my window
knocks on my door i don't know
open curtain to watch the palms
they are still whatever comes

beautiful flower
from my garden
i poured all my love
to have a bloom

yes... i heard
your crispy voice
enough to give beats
to my resting senses

arm’s length away
i could see
threads on your dress
sweat on your legs

for a while
you let me
have scented kiss,
touch loose threads.

Fog is too thick I can hardly see
Follow the big truck along the way
Like a lifetime you can't foresee
Sooner I'll be where I should be

... there are few
who could unwind
and walk
the garden

for every thread that bond
is like a nerve to a flesh
crimson pump to the beat
marvel; moments keep

With a memory of a whale
Picking up groceries at will
Then patiently wait in line
Saw a pretty girl with her mom

sitting on cedar knees
my feet touching water
am trying to write yours
ripples keep on erasing

time for planting rice
paddies are water full
lady just breaking east
native music plays beat

Manonton Dalan Biography

I write in a hope that I could make a book for people to read at same time if ever I like to sell it... I will use all proceed feeding children after paying taxes of course)

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I Remember

street lights are still lit up
as she fills my coffee cup
with same greeting everyday
"how's your mom doing today? "
with a simple grin and "okay, "
she hands me bagle and jelly

pinching coins from my pocket
dropping a quarter on the carpet
i lean back to see where it lands
rub my back on somebody's hands
"excuse me, may i help you please? "
i turn around my lips is on her face

i blush, i feel my heart pounds
i touch her arm; whisper sorry
she waves her hand; smiles at me
yes, i give a last quick look at her
she's so pretty i could remember

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Irene Antalan 20 September 2019

Hi sir ive been finding ways on how to communicate with you its about a very important matter please..this is my email

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Ena N. Mori 27 February 2016

What I read is a journal of a simple man who draws on the rhythms of daily living. Your written communication is naturally honest and poetic. It gives us a glimpse of the event and the emotion is re-created. Keep at it, G.

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Manonton Dalan Quotes

'getting lost is the beginning to find your way back'

' where was the wind when I needed it'

'there's something sinister behind those tall grass'

'why are these deer roam the golf courses'

'knowing is easier than doing'

'good communication is a must to successful job'

'keeping your mind busy makes it sharper everyday'

'sound of my club tells me how good I hit the ball'

' rain can't quench my thirst'

'nothing can substitute a power nap'

'silence comes to my mind so sweet'

'I stayed long enough to be a part'

'give me something to hold on'

'go home and take power nap'

'start looking and remember which one you buy the next time you come by'

'feed your mind, your body and your soul'

'give me hug before you go home'

'determination is one the best ingredients of success'

'definitely practice pay off one way or another'

'listening is a good road to understanding'

'listen to your mind and express yourself without hesitation in silence of yourself'

'what you thinking is being thought by someone else'

' a good breakfast makes your day fruitful'

'share your knowledge... and you'll have beneficial feedback'

' I will take snow at any time'

worry about things you can't hear or see in public

birds make noise before sunrise

poor multiply faster than the rest

'we are sinking deeper than sea rising'

' i keep working until i can no longer climb over the bridge'

' pain does relieve pain'

' I wonder what could have happened without covid-19'

'my car keep responding but I can't find it'

sweet summer left with smile

tv used to watch me now

feeling of pity drips on me

I reach her but totally ignored

when pain is gone you'll miss it

'when you get old you become invisible'

' i work too hard just to give away its fruits'

peace of mind is worth than gold

cold weather makes me warm

'i search for stress when i am alone'

'i really love to tell you the truth but you're very weak'

'your weight is killing you but you refuse to believe'

'i am hiding from reality so i have to work'

'should i wait for fall to spend? '

'lister to whispers of leaves when it's calm'

'i fear dying alone'

'should i live to see you walk and talk'

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Manonton Dalan Popularity

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