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They Called It Civil... - Poem by pickle juice

Good people died,
Survivors hardly thrived.
Loved ones soon perished.
And peace became cherished.

People chose not to use their mouths to speak.
They didn’t try to turn the other cheek.
Instead they spoke with weapons: guns and knives,
Each time someone spoke, Americans lost their lives.

The nation became divided,
But Lincoln knew what had been decided.
The north believed in abolition,
The south felt slavery was a tradition.

The fighting brought tears and anguish
This was something people couldn’t simply vanquish.
Americans were supposed to become one,
And all of their dreams were coming undone.

Gunshots were heard everywhere,
Where ever one looked, they saw despair.
The first shots were fired from lame decision,
But the last were going to have more precision.

The North and the South wanted their rights,
Each of their arguments ended in vicious fights.
Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
He was right; America was becoming a divided land.

Even though the house was about to split,
Both sides refused to quit.
South states would secede,
If Lincoln was chose to lead.

The cause of Civil War was not just slavery,
It was also because of economy.
The South depended on cotton,
In the North, work without machines was forgotten.

They couldn’t accept how the other operated,
People were becoming more and more frustrated.
But they continued with their battle cry,
And more people continued to die.

In the end North won the fight,
But the South was not out of sight.
Both sides continued to disagree,
But they did it more peacefully.

(this is about the American Civil War if you didn't notice)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 30, 2010

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