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They Plan To Rule The World - Poem by Ryan Eisele

The insatiable egos of men,
Once assuming they exist,
All of nature they will twist,
Longing for the bliss,
Which they always miss,
Of existential mystery,
Replaced with material treasury.
Always seeming so close,
But the draw of final orgasmic thrill,
Always recreating their misery,
For if there were really bliss,
True bliss, nameless eternal Being-ness,
Then whose name to commemorate
The glorious final increment?
The goal, the final goal,
We can only enter namelessly.

The banker and the gold,
Once he got a taste for
'Making use' of that which was not his,
The world could be a store,
All things bought and sold.
The lie could grow and grow
Even the ones scammed and raped
By the Federal Reserve,
Hoodwinked into seeing 'economic growth'
As an obvious way to observe,
By monetary measurement,
The value of the world,
Which was once set up for all to serve,
Now run by the establishment,
Which takes and takes and creates 'the poor',
And all to whom that group believe they belong,
Who are hoodwinked even furthermore,
To believe that poverty is commonplace,
And that only the little which they can conserve,
Is that which they deserve.

They want to rule the world,
With avarice and greed,
To them every girl could be a whore,
And all men subjected to war.
They want a chip in every hand,
Bar codes all across the land.

They want and want and plan and scheme.
There's one thing you can rest assured:
Whose soul is the one more tortured
Is of he who claims to have a fortune,
He must search and search for happiness there
Where it's got to be any fool would swear,
With a fortune this big it's got to be in the somewhere.
And when he finds the time, when the goal is all complete,
He'll be able to sit back and count through one more time,
And finally between all those dog-eared bills,
Flipped through and counted through all these years,
There it will turn up, like wine aged so sweet,
The happiness he's been waiting to meet.
You can rest assured that's where he's placed his bet,
Happiness as a certificate.

They may rule the world one day, but eventually,
They'll have to face, that they're really the ones
Who are bankrupt, in a tricky kind of way.

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