Santi Dewi Sihombing

Thief - Poem by Santi Dewi Sihombing

He sneaked so cunningly into my quiet, peaceful night
He broke into my room through somewhere I couldn’t figure out
I was awakened by his careless voice and sat with a start
He looked at me in a scary, strange way that my whole body froze

I was too scared to produce any sound from my shaking lips
It was too sudden, I’d never expected it
I remembered I’d closed all my windows and door tightly
Even I thought they were still locked perfectly

He paid no attention to my pale, scared face
He kept going mercilessly searching for something
I was so stunned that I thought I had a heart attack
I felt as if my body got boneless and it flopped to the ground

I could only watched him with my mouth open in disbelief
Thinking how dare this thief slipped into my comfortable private place
Everything happened so fast as in a blink of an eye
I could conclude he was such an experienced thief

He’d gone when I finally managed to gain my strength
But I felt there was something wrong after he had left
I looked around and then I looked at myself
What a scary, weird feeling that time I felt

First I was thinking about having some back up
Then I finally made up my mind to catch the thief by myself
I’m starting to search for him now, and I know I will find him
I will demand for his heart in return coz he has stolen mine


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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 4, 2009

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