Think And Wonder - Poem by BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA

Sometimes I think
And wonder why
Birds must shit
When they fly

Why autumn leaves
Those colors make
But then fall off
So we must rake

Why is water
Always level
And why did God
Create the devil

Why do dogs
Lick their balls
Then lick their master
When he calls

Why do boys
Wear pants so low
That their butt cheeks
Have to show

Why do we
Need to grow up
Why use a glass
And not a cup

Why girls when happy
Sometimes cry
And fish live wet
But never dry

Why do hockey players
Always spit
And why's a pimple
Called a zit

Why contented cats
Always purr
And then throw up
That ball of fur

Why feed the grass
To make it grow
And when it does
We have to mow

Why does shit
Stick in your hair
And why do willnots
Form down there

Why dogs we own
Our life will guard
But then they shit
In our yard

Sometimes I just
Sit and think
Why do farts
Have to stink

How do cows
Make milk from grass
And why do hemorrhoids
Pop out your ass

Why do humans
Together throng
But then they can't
Get along

Why do chickens
Never piss
And why do Boems
Rhyme like this

Why tell us all
We are brothers
When we are born
With different colors

Why bird shit falling
From the sky
Never hits
The other guy

Why flowers bloom
If we take care
But weeds just grow

Why leaves fall off
But not the bark
Did insects come
From Noah's arc

Do all predictions
Come to pass
Do chicken eggs
Come out their ass

Why do snots
Grow in your nose
And why do I
These questions pose

Topic(s) of this poem: funny, poem

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