This Intimate Feeling

Rating: 2.5

This intimate feeling
that i have for you
beats in my heart constantly
like the never ending story.

Many can come and do what they like
but there i will remain constantly,
waiting for your smile
that gives me pleasure.

Your presence that brings satisfaction
that cannot be measure.
On doomsday men shall battle
to be in heaven and hell.

I stand firmly with my last wish
to be in your soiree kingdom.
The thought of separating with you
Brings pain in my fondly heart

Frighten me like thunder in mid raining season
Your love is sweeter than saccharin
Living without you is like a world with no God
And a heart fill with frustration.

This intimate feeling
that i have for you
is deeper than the ocean
greener like forest red as a rose.

In my dreams you will be my victim
Like your face as a picture in my mind.
Men can battle for silver and gold
but i will strive to win your golden heart.

The best thing in life
is to have you as a wife
a amour that can't be stop with a knife
Not alone your replicant.

My heart of sincerity and purity
yearns to lean on yours alone
And no tarot can change that
you the finest thing in my heart.

This intimate feeling
that i have for you
gilters my dark path of life.
Brings me sleepless night
and different romantic thought.