Lydia Dominguez

This Strong Tower By Angela Dawn - Poem by Lydia Dominguez

There is a strength isnide of me that is rock solid
It is so strong that it doesn't break
Though the wind blows and the sky darkens
For some reason it stay upholden.

This tower of strength is so great that
It for ever is solid and doesnt break
Though I may try to make it crumble
It stands steadfast and refusses to humble.

This tower of strenth is terrifying
It brings the worst because you can bare it.
You say, 'Please stop I will break'
And it just laughs in your face

'Take some more' it says, 'You can handle it'
Oh, sure it may drive you mad
And give you a fierce yet calm anger
But this tower of strength will only get stronger.'

I say 'break, ' and I say 'crumble, '
But all it hears is 'lets get stronger.'
Please take off your stirling strength
I don't wish to be strong today
But it refusses to listen.
And with gleaming silver it strengthens.

Bear up yourself and be strong.
It is your calling
You must be the one to carry on
Get used to it, your being strengthened.

This tower of strength how great it is,
what a prized and disliked possession.
It keeps me strong and yet I break.
And I become two persons.
Very strong and very weak a loner yet
with everyone.

I am torn between this strong and weak person.
I am two and no longer one

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 4, 2010

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