This World Poem by Mereia Namatua

This World

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We live in a world where the reaper appears unexpected. In a world where death is imminent. In a world where sorrow and pain thrives. In a world where people struggle and cries. In a world where everybody eats and dies. In a world where day by day we grow old. In a world where we first be in pain before we gain. Life is unfair. Each day tears are shed. Each day we bled. Amidst all of this we must know. This world is preparing us for a better one. A world with no sorrow or pain. A world where we never grow old each day. A world where death is held at bay. A world where our beloved will stay. With you, with everyone forever. Till eternity and to never ever. To whoever is facing pain. To whoever is sorrowful and in pain. We all feel for you. Seeing hearts bleed on media. My heart bleeds for you too. You are not alone. We are all on the same boat. Look forward to world beyond. There is hope and love amidst all.

Sun Rise 22 April 2024

Beautiful how you started this piece with all the people ended with one single person

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