Three Little Mice. Poem by Timothy olson

Three Little Mice.

Three little mice on there way to town, were supposed to be home before the sun went down.
On there way to town, they met up with a clown.
They asked the clown, if he was going to town.
The clown replied, holding his laughter inside.
Why yes I am, to the three of them.
I'll offer you a ride, so you three can hide.
Then I can just, sneak you inside.
You can hide in my red poofy hair, till I get you three there.
No one will see, that your travelling with me.
Yes, I'll take you three to town.
Or my name ain't Bestie, the red headed clown.
The three little mice, said yes that would be nice.
The clown with his frown, then bent on right down.
Picked up the three, and headed to town.
Now the three little mice, didn't think twice.
Thought surely this clown, he must be nice.
The clown had lied, about his intentions inside.
He was taking them somewhere, they certainly would die.
You see, the clown had a pet snake, who hadn't yet ate.
And the hour was starting, to get very late.
They hid inside the clowns red hair, waiting patiently to soon be there.
Now the clown had big plans, for those three little mice.
When they got where they were going, he wouldn't be nice.
He was all but fed up, with the way things end up.
From across the creek, he heard a loud Shreek.
Two crowes were kicking, and making fun with there feet.
He picked up a rock, to throw at those crowes.
That's when he fell, and broke just his nose.
Now the crowes, that had been, making the fun.
Were now laughing frantically, out in the sun.
It only made the clown, want to hunt them crowes down.
He would teach them two crowes, with his big broken nose.
A thing or two about laughter, and who it there goes after.
With all of this going on, it didn't take them there mice, very long.
To get free from his red poofy hair, and find there way up, out of there.
Leaving the clown, laying on the ground.
Kicking his big feet, cause he knew he'd been beat.
By those two laughing crowes, the cause of his big broken nose.
Left there squirting and bleeding, just like a hose.
Now being on the outskirts of town, just after the sun went down.
Not a safe place, for mice of any race.
So making there way to the edge of town.
Now well, after the sun went down.
They were supposed to be meeting there uncle pee, to pick up a package for there mom you see.
Time was slipping much to fast, and in the dark they had lost there path.
Wandering around in the dark, they heard something that made them start.
Crouching down next to a tree, A big cat cried out. Not just one but three!
I'll surely get fat, if I eat all that.
You could hear the cat say, as he grabbed his hat and started there way.
Fried or poached, maybe on wheat toast.
He said with a smile as he approached.
The older of the three mice, said heed my advice.
Turn the other way, don't even think twice.
With the whisp of a tail, the cats long whiskers fell.
Now the cat with the hat, that said all of that.
Was mad as hell, and let out a yell.
I'm going to lock you three up In my little jail.
With no one to hear you, or even to tell.
What think you that, you three little brats.
By tomorrow you three, will be kissing my Cat Fat Ass.
The three little mice, said better take our advice.
Go back to your home, or die here alone.
The cat with his hat, he that was full of tricks.
Would reach in and smash them, with one of his bricks.
As he reached in his hat, that was full of tricks.
One of the mice, stabbed out his eye with a stick.
Laughing at the cat and his hat full of tricks.
What you gonna do now that you look like shit.
He watched with one eye as they picked the other from off the ground.
Holding it high, without making a sound.
Making sure no one else was around.
They through it down a hole where it could never be found.
Far below, way deep in the ground.
Where nothing is heard, not even a sound.
Now the cat with the hat full of tricks, was now with one eye and felt suddenly sick.
With given the chance, they might even be nice.
Now the cat had no whisker's, and his feet were full of blisters.
An eye gone forever because he thought himself so clever.
Was pleading for his life, but was stabbed to death by his cheating whore of a wife.
Just goes to show, you never really know.
From where your end will come, yeah this poems kinda dumb!

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