Thrive Poem by Anshul Bhatnagar


the brain tells a truth and tells the heart to stay,

the heart says a truth and tells the brain to stay,

the heart tells i love you, you are with me today,

the brain tells you love me, then why couldn't you be with me today,

your brain tells you oh i will be with you today,

your heart tells you, don't cry are the right words to convey back today! !

the enemies TRY TRY KEEP TRYING to convey in between, words like cry, words like suicide, words like die, words like she will never be with you today,

but, the best of all is the person which stays with you today, they are the persons which defend, which guard you, which protect you today! !

the persons see through your strife and make yourself a better person to be today,

but, the person which see through your heart, is the person which dearly loves you today,
the person which could not be with you which conveyed i will be with you today,

remember, the heart, remember to ask the question which your love has wished for you today,
look through the mind, and the brain briefly today,
one of them says, i wish to be with you today! ! this is the person which really loves you today! !

remember, the person which see through your heart today, and the brain and the struggle you were in today,
the person enables you today, to be victorious again,
the feelings which were not calm, which were against of you today,
the presence called empathy, the presence called feeling with you today,
look carefully through you are yourself victorious today! !

The make it today, means be with me today, means love me today, means be free today, we have a date today! !

Free means for an unmarried, date, or marriage, or being with,
Free means for a married, date, being with, or, love today,

Released i am from the Pain and Past conflicts Today!

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