Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time Is Something That You Can'T Stop

time is something that you can't stop
you know it's there and you want to control it but you can't
you see people that are always busy and never have enough time
while you have enough time left to stare out the window with nothing on your mind
your mind totally empty while the world is changing
every second
every minute
every day things change but you did nothing
you where staring out the window thinking about nothing
but suddenly you start thinking about the things that you want to change
about the friends that are dead and you want them back
people that hurt your friends people that hurt your family they don't deserve to die they deserve to suffer
the people that believe in lies are the people that robbed themselves of the truth
why do they believe in lies?
is it because they have no time to think about the truth?
is it because they don't want to know the truth?
you don't know why but you do know the truth
there mind is overloaded because they never stop thinking
your mind isn't
your mind is clear because you took the time to think about nothing
they didn't
you took the time to learn how people react to things and learned that no one reacts the same
everybody has a different mind
every mind has a different body
ones you learn to control your mind you can take your body beyond the limit
you will be able to do things that no one else is able to do
because it's your mind and body and every mind and body can do different things
everybody has a special gift some will find it real fast
others will never find it
some will find it on there own
others will need help to find it
but don't search for that special gift you will find it when you need it
if you keep searching for that gift you will waste your time
the time that you could use to think about anything or nothing
ones you totally control your mind
you will be able to tear your own body apart without touching anything
you can also try to understand other minds so that you can help them or break them
it takes time to understand a mind and ones you learn to understand and learn to control yours
you can try to understand the mind of all the other people that live in this world
every mind is different they all have a different story
so if you try to understand the minds of others
you will never get bored because they never stop changing
Michael v d B
Michael v d B 21 June 2010
i'm glad you like it and thanks for the comment, unfortunaly i don't have the time right now to write but still i'm glad you like it
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Lilly Roberts 29 May 2010
'All the people that hurt your friends or family; they don't deserve to die. They deserve to suffer.' I can really relate to this poem. Even though its your first, the words really are powerful. You have a great understanding of many things in life. Keep writing! Great job.
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