Merci Merc

Tired Black Man - Poem by Merci Merc

I wake up every morning so I can go “Slay the Dragon”
Think of all the players and hustlers I’m passing
Those that are bragging about how much dough they're stacking
Plus I’m laughing at the Generation Y’ers that I hate with a passion
Because they look like they have loaded diapers because their pants are always sagging
Only to come home to the drama of my woman's chronic complaining and nagging
Atlanta desperate house wives is on TV one of her favorite past times
So I’m back to the streets (routine) bending corners to see what’s happening
Got to work tomorrow so let me pick up a bottle of wine and something to snack on
Black cop is nervous (pulling over everybody) and over reacting
Because he knows were all doomed,
they want to lock us all up until there is no more room,
I’m still in my business attire…
Do you know how hard it is to go from the projects to the board room?
Girl I take good care of you, and I work hard so you don’t have too
I’m the Sun in your universe my light you should reflect just like the moon
But when YOU reflect on “OUR” pictures your retort is its all about “YOU”.
Well how do we presume that when you never left our bedroom?
Same dishes in the sink all afternoon
You want to give me food
With dirty dishes and filthy spoons
From the time I leave here
The phone is glued to your ear
It doesn’t take the whole day to clean up
and wash your face, ears and derriere
You take me for a buffoon I see how you go on
You get off the phone 30 minutes before I come home
Your phone mate is in sync asking doesn’t you’re man come home soon
Then you got the nerve to ask for my whole pay check
Because that's what you overheard was is in Steve Harvey’s book last June.
But, don’t assume because you give me attitude
That you will always get your way I’ve been mad at you.
I just stay focused doing what I got to do…
I’ve been carrying you and your part of family too
There isn’t a whole lot of things that I ask of you
All you want to do is shop that’s why the rent is past due.
The more over time I get the more you consume
I never said it before but I suspect your sharing your womb
With dude from apartment 2
I see how you look at him and the way that he looks back at you
The magic has been gone between you and I
and I’m so mad I don’t know what to do
So I internalize all the betrayal, hurt, pain and frustrations
With this act alone I should win a standing ovation
I keep a smile and walk away trying to contain all my “devils”
Thinking to myself: 'How did I fall off like that? Doesn’t water seek its own level? '
Now we are watching the “Diary of a Tired Black Man “confused on how we (men) exhale! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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