EmmaPassions Iruoghene Emesakoru

** To Be With You ** - Poem by EmmaPassions Iruoghene Emesakoru

I want to be with you

like an ageless statue
mindless of time.
Like a condemned kleptomaniac
unrepentant of his crime,
like a thick smoke
resident in the conduit
of a sooty chimney.
Like the Irish
and their incurable penchant
for resistless blarney.
I want to be with you
cojoined by brains like a siamese
like an irremediable sinner
drowned in delight of his grave sins,
like an interconnection of wires
passing current in a circuit box.
As a shepherd, leading, following,
but never deserting his flocks.
I want to be with you
like vibrant sunlight inhabits
each glorious morning,
like African brides dancing
to their groom's house with
Like a caressed flower's bud
gently opening up to sunlight's touch.
As a joey safe from imminent
in mother kangaroo's pouch.
I want to be inseparably into you ad
melding with you,
body to body, heart to heart,
mind to mind and soul to soul.
I want to be fused bone to
mouth to mouth with your
until all that's left is our statue motionless in a sweet mesh.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 3, 2010

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