Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu

To Mama With Love - Poem by Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu

My heart sees
The greatness of your heart
My eyes see the blessings in your actions
Did God not strengthen the hearts of men?
Definitely, yours is a part
When you give so freely
When you let it out
What others will rather keep within
For fear of losing love
To you truth must be told
To whoever and whenever
If it only had to be done right
Am I not jealous of you?
Are you not the best of parents?
Is food not in abundance in your home?
Is love not overflowing in your home?
Are you not like the moon in the night?
Have you not provided for yours and others?
When God blessed you with His provision?
Is it not easiest to love Allah?
And then the very noble one?
And then you?
Are you not to me like a mystery?
Like a puzzle
One I will like to imitate?
Did I not see your heart cry
As half of what you bore
Suddenly exited this world
And the words Alhamdu lil Laah had been your tears
And gratitude in your heart
And patience in your demeanor
For blessing you with children such as us
Oh! How I want to make you proud
And has it not been pain after pain in your marriage
Until now you still stand tall
Amazing to the lookers
Has the joy of others not been your joy too?
And sufficiency you see in your provision?
Mama, you truly are blessed
And how great was your achievement
When Papa had lived the rest of his months in sorrow
For the pain he put you through from the morn
But with him you were till the dusk
Did he not continue to ask for forgiveness?
For the pains, the sorrows, the hard times
And did he not call upon me to do so too
On his behalf many times
And the last gives mixed feelings
Of sorrow and joy and jealousy
Sorrow that they were his last words to you
Forgive me for the sake of Allah
And you had ask of him but the same
Joy that you ended on that note with him
Did God not give you the success crown by that?
And didn’t the noblest of all being say
Jannah for she who ends well with her husband?
Mama, I love you
Yet jealousy I sometimes feel
Can I be as you were to my father?
The same and better to my husband
Can I be as you were to your children?
The same and better to my children
Could my heart be strong as yours?
Would I be able to give as much as you do?
With all the books I know
Which you know not even a word
Has your actions not proved you better and best?
And the good wishes for those who hurt you so badly
And your abundant awe-inspiring prayers
For us and for others
If I could write you a poem
It would be with these words
If I could sing you a song
It would be with these words
But prayers I have resorted to
Even as you live and surely will die
May your life continue to be a blessing
May your death be easy on you
May Jannatul Firdaus be your final abode
And your copycat plus I yearn to be
Mama, you are my icon

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