To My Mother On Her Grave Poem by Andile Nozibusiso Mtshali

To My Mother On Her Grave

You are laughing.
you jump up and down and start screaming.
uhhhh i cant stand the sound!
your eyes pierce my soul.

I look at your hands and your face
so lifeless it becomes clear to me,
Life has taken another pace
A gade too bold for you and me.

Though I am praying for you eachday
my prayer has changed.
I now pray that you be pardoned and loved
every minute of the day.

I am now praying for my strength more than yours
for we have both been so deprived more minute in the hours.
you wake with a smile some days a frown
everbody wakes up with their faces down.

Three weeks of endless tears
and pain and hopeless prayers
they tell us you left
that is what I call theft.

It is six years now and still l see you in my dreams.
I hope you wash your hands in the purerest streams.
I hope you have rest in your soul.
I can only hope you have angels surrounding your bowl

I keep your smile in my soul
and wear your face without a frown
dont ever forget to look upon us,
your memory is embroided in our hearts.

Anthony Goodall 17 January 2011

in your words i can feel your pain, very touching.

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