To My Wife, On The 25th Anniversary Of Our Wedding Day Poem by Thomas Cowherd

To My Wife, On The 25th Anniversary Of Our Wedding Day

Dear Bride of five-and-twenty years,
I gladly give to thee this song.
That thou wilt spurn it I've no fears,
For love still reigns within thee strong,
And will reign long as life shall last;
For it has stood the fiery test
Of anguished moments in the past-
When out of pain came peaceful rest,
Until our life
Of toil and strife
Is joyful still, my darling wife.

When last I penned a lay to thee
I little dreamt that youthful charms
Would cling to thee at forty-three;
But now the thought my spirit warms
That I can see thee lovelier grown!
While fond affection constant beams
Within thy lovely eyes, light brown,
Thus realizing my young dreams.
For then I thought
The wife I sought
Should bring to me what thou hast brought.

A face lit up with genial smiles,
A heart to love through trials great,
With winning ways, with pleasant wiles,
To cheer me in life's troublous state.
I pictured her both fair and neat,
With voice so soft, with wifely skill,
To make my home a snug retreat
From many kinds of mortal ill.
Such hast thou been,
My own heart's queen,
As good a wife as e'er was seen.

What though we've not attained to wealth?
Have still to toil for daily bread?
So long as God gives precious health,
We have no worldly needs to dread,

For, day by day our table's filled,
Our dearest children constant fed;
With many comforts life to gild,
Our years enjoyably have sped.
Then we'll not care
For larger share
Of riches, which oft prove a snare.

Then, darling, let us battle on,
The future may ev'n brighter prove;
But if it does not we have won
A glorious boon in such true love
As well might smooth a harder life.
And few, I trow, have lived so long
wedded state with joys so rife.
Then fear not, let our hearts be strong
In Christ our Lord,
And let His Word
Yield us the comfort therein stored.

Now, as the ears flow swiftly by,
With crosses manifold to hear,
We still will look to Him on high,
Who has permitted us to share
So much of matrimonial bliss,
And in that bond has kept us true.
Let's deem it best His rod to kiss,
And keep His promises in view.
So, side by side
Our lives may glide
Till death bring us o'er Jordan's tide!

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