To The Christians Of Brantford Poem by Thomas Cowherd

To The Christians Of Brantford

Christians of Brantford, list awhile,
An humble Rhymer speaks to you.
Perhaps the fact may cause a smile,
Though I speak not from motives vile,
But with your interest full in view.

You are engaged in warfare great
With that great sin which oft has made
A loving husband full of hate,
A young wife's beauty quickly fade,
And early death become her fate.

You have to grapple with that fiend
That oft has made poor children weep,
Bereft them too of every friend,
Who would unto their wants attend-
When they were sick afford relief.

You are engaged in mortal strife
With that huge serpent which ere now
Has poisoned all the joys of life,
Made many homes with discord rife,
And sunk poor human nature low.

With him that oft has torn away
The laurel from the Sons of Fame,
Caused them from Wisdom's paths to stray,
Has turned to darkness their bright day,
And covered them all o'er with shame.

Young as some are, all must have seen
His potent arm stretched forth to strike
As victims those who long had been
Striving on human aid to lean.
Mind friends you never do the like!

Oh, have you thought upon his power,
And learned how weak are mortal men
When brought into temptation's hour,
And 'storms arise and tempests lower?'
The strong may even falter then.

And feeling weak have you been led
To put your trust in God alone,
Who with his bounteous hand hath fed
You all your lives, and in the stead
Of guilty man did sin atone?

If you have not done this before
O flee, my dear young friends, away
To Jesus Christ, the friend who bore
Our sins, that he might us restore
To God and Bliss and Endless Day.

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