To The Theatre With Lover Poem by Sasikala Kamandula

To The Theatre With Lover

"Hey, Janny, here you are, "
Shouted he in excitement.
"Look what now I had for you, "‘
She stretched her hand with a lovely smile.
"That's what charms me the thing in you, "
Her wide eyes responded with a hiding smile,
"Men fool maidens in flattery due";
He laughed at the charge did she sue.
"Well, close your eyes, then only the treat,
She fondly made a twist of her lips
At the condition that he laid
And shut her eyes half with playful cheat
"O, no, my love, its not right, "
He warned her with his fake anger,
"No bluff no fake and no more trick,
Be fair to the powerful Might! "
"Well, " she obeyed him as a child.
He placed the tickets in her graceful palm.
"Wow", she exclaimed with joy no bound.
"It's the time for my favorite show!
Let me dress in my bests of glow,
Chain and mien and shoes and scarf;
Line the brows and slim the nails
Chubby cheeks in rosy Pink
Matching valet and catching scent
All in fine and shine and vain.
Have just a nap and we'll out
To enjoy the show that all in length! ! "
She rushed into dressing room
As a swift deer with a gush up bloom.
"Take your own time, my sweet heart,
The show is only at eight at spot."
When the door was opened wide
By the Vanity Fair with charming glow,
The poor waiter could help no more
Which ran just a half hour to end the show.

Deepa Sahu 21 April 2012

poor husband! really not ladies actually men make much delay in make-up. i know very well!

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Deepa Sahu 21 April 2012

oooooooooooooooooooooooooo! war at women! good romance!

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Kamal Malhotra 25 June 2011

wow! pictured fairly a maiden's real identity. nice reading.

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