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“Wife is a knife that cuts your life! ”
“Unless you, hen-pecked, cut her throat;
Yes, wife is a knife that cuts fruit for good health
If you are a man of heart and breath! ! ”

“Madam Mary, answer me, now, ” The boy yelled
“Why c-u-t sounds /c^t/ but not /cut/ When p-u-t is /put/?
It’s b‘cause of the way they sound in the mouth, ”
The Madam smiled at the curious kid.

Like a banyan goes deep
Into the hell hole of the earth,
Stands strong determined devoted

Welcome, Madam, welcome Sir,
Curl-on greets you with fabulous offer!
For your most graceful bosom to shower
In the boundless glee and sound sleep roar!

Late to train
Late to bus
Late to class
And late to party;

She dreams of you
At just for a five minutes' sight,
She entrusts her life
At a few minutes' meet

The miraculous water drop
Falling from the sky,
The romantic rain dropp
Dancing proudly on

A friend in need is a friend indeed,
A hand to wipe your tears
A tap to encourage and soothe
A shoulder you rest your head

A stitch in one saves nine,
Right work in right time
Brings you shine.

O my my
Tell me why
Mothers sing
When babies cry?

Bund and hartaal and hunger strike,
We are against what you like;
Good or bad, proper or not
Vice or fair, no bother!

Rail roko bus roko
Raasta roko assembly roko
The aunts and uncles
Grandpas and grandmas

"Hey, Janny, here you are, "
Shouted he in excitement.
"Look what now I had for you, "‘
She stretched her hand with a lovely smile.

Slim and trim and smooth and fair
Here comes the young lady in simple wear
With happy smiles in shiny face
Chirpy eyes framed in spects

The clothes spake bitterly biting the teeth
When I sat to wash my clothe of the day,
"You the men of all classes
Move in the world of smoke and filth;

The Lady of the House
Demanded the bride a ring on her nose;
For it's a customary of that family,
The bride obeyed them humbly and happily.

Yes, I'm proud
For I'm being loved
Though my life
Is a walk on double-edge sharp knife.

“I’m Selman, Peter Selman, ”
What brings you here, to this ward?
“Problems in getting the green card,
I was asked to be certified by you, gentleman, ”

Onion the golden
A simple man’s banyan,
Now shows off rich vain splashing poison.
This Golden Maiden


With a neat tuck and clean shaven face
He filed in the bride’s house;
The bride sat coyish with all down looks.
His heart jumped in joy at the cute beauty’s sight;

The Best Poem Of Sasikala Kamandula

Life Without Wife

“Wife is a knife that cuts your life! ”
“Unless you, hen-pecked, cut her throat;
Yes, wife is a knife that cuts fruit for good health
If you are a man of heart and breath! ! ”
“The life with the wife
Is a walk on a double edge sharp knife; ”
“Then enjoy a smooth shave fixing it in a ‘Gillette’!
Just know how to operate that knife
Leave her free, so abundantly;
But let not the end of its string
Out of your hand flee.
Love and honor, she bows to your feet
With abundant patience and selfless treat
Life without wife is a body without heart
That decked with gems which shine no spot
Sugarless sweet and saltless feast
A Right Knight knows the way of the ride
And makes his journey in rainbow hues!

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Sasikala Kamandula 12 April 2020

The website is not allowing the poet to write any poems. It is shuffling at log in. How can she post any poem

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Deepa Sahu 23 February 2011

all poems are very nice, informative, moral and intertaining. but wehave to read some poems repeatedly to understand. nice wording pack. thank u poemhunter for such good poems

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Sasikala Kamandula Quotes

Industry without goal is fruitless Goal without industry is useless.

The most beautiful woman in the world is MOTHER.

Wetness in eyes removes the dust and shines the eyes. Wetness in heart removes filthy feelings and blooms humanity. Wet eyes show wet heart that serves the poor and needy. So, have wet heart to prove that your worth of birth.

Holy cow eats green grass and gives pure white milk. Consuming the pure white milk, man emits poison like crime, corruption and inhumanity....!

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Sasikala Kamandula Popularity

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