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Life Without Wife

“Wife is a knife that cuts your life! ”
“Unless you, hen-pecked, cut her throat;
Yes, wife is a knife that cuts fruit for good health
If you are a man of heart and breath! ! ”

Madam Mary

“Madam Mary, answer me, now, ” The boy yelled
“Why c-u-t sounds /c^t/ but not /cut/ When p-u-t is /put/?
It’s b‘cause of the way they sound in the mouth, ”
The Madam smiled at the curious kid.

My Hubby

Like a banyan goes deep
Into the hell hole of the earth,
Stands strong determined devoted

Curse To Curl-On!

Welcome, Madam, welcome Sir,
Curl-on greets you with fabulous offer!
For your most graceful bosom to shower
In the boundless glee and sound sleep roar!

Late Cat

Late to train
Late to bus
Late to class
And late to party;

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Sasikala Kamandula 12 April 2020

The website is not allowing the poet to write any poems. It is shuffling at log in. How can she post any poem

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Deepa Sahu 23 February 2011

all poems are very nice, informative, moral and intertaining. but wehave to read some poems repeatedly to understand. nice wording pack. thank u poemhunter for such good poems

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