Kataski Faravel

To Thee I Love - Poem by Kataski Faravel

Dark blood hair, Skin mightily fair
Eyes like the greenest leaf, attitude like the fox
Cunning and slick, yet careful and thoughtful
Sought by many, but none ever chosen.

Intelligent as a wolf, sweet as a chickadee
None could harness what is supposed to be free
She plays with intimacy, yet is modest
One wonders why she plays, but he has her ways

Not that I mind, only because what I might find
Is something that I don't want to see or hear
So I leave her be, let her be, to test mankind
But within me starts the green-eyed monster

I want her to stop but I never say,
only because I give her privacy, so I don't cause rivalry
If rivalry did come, I would stop and be done
Only because I love her too much, who would think such?

At the same time, what is love?
Another form of affection or lust?
Love varies from person to person
In their mind they perceive what love is

Her body gives off heat, yet her words cools her off
What more could I want?
Love, affection, lust, friendship, sweet hearts?
I know what I want:

I want to hold her hand, fingers entwined
Love filled gaze
Whispering words of
'I love you'

Kissing and holding one another
Is minor of what I feel for her
I want…no…need for her to see
Who I really am on the inside

If she doesn't
I'll say that she had others in mind.
And I wont bother her anymore.
Of the subject of 'I Love You, Do You Love Me?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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