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Today - Poem by Chris Todd, Jr.

Today I looked away,
To see the setting sun,
And felt it all slip away,
It’s falling away,
Draining away,
Like some rainy day,
Today I turned my back,
And saw the truth,
You are what you are,
I can’t even think straight,
And deny the facts,
How I wish to believe you,
But I can’t anymore for the life of it,
Today I saw it end,
The life that we know,
Unsettling and daunting,
Can you save yourself,
Or will I bury you,
Before I lay myself to rest,
And dream in eternal pyre,
I died a little more,
And felt the void,
Widen in my heart,
No more love,
Can I generate towards you,
Though I gave my love,
You turned away,
Today I wanted to die,
As I felt the ides coming on,
The incurable solution,
That I don’t want to believe,
All this preparation,
Just to have you,
Cast out like,
Yesterdays news,
Today I failed,
As a friend,
A brother,
A man,
Today I lost my way,
And showed you,
The ways of the wicked,
Now the world,
Is dead to you,
And I can only look,
And blame myself,
Today drifts away,
As a thief in the night,
Stealing the light,
I hold you dearest,
To my heart I shall sleep,
The solution eminent,
Just a matter of will,
Today I live again,
And breathe hope,
That one day,
You’ll figure it out,
What it’s all about,
But we’ll never know,
If you can’t stop,
In your ways,
Today I see for the first time,
You are like all the rest,
Nothing more than them,
Just as low as them,
No better than any man,
A lie is a lie,
Unless it’s told by you,
Today I rest for fear of failure,
That I can’t be the one,
That turns you around,
And live in,
Perfect harmony,
With those that love you,
Today I am myself,
For tomorrow never knows,
Just a diversion,
Of what’s really the matter,
A constant changing,
Of what’s real,
And fake in the realm of knowledge,
Today I am consumed by sorrow,
As I dropp you down to your new home,
Six feet under,
Worm food for the rest of eternity,
I curse the day I lived and you died,
We are one and the same,
And I wished I tried so much more,
So that you could walk with me today,
And not when we’ll meet again…

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