I need a woman to ride with me,
To prove that she loves me too,
A woman to sit astride of me,
When one together makes two,
It's ever been the way of the world
To come together as one,
For one together may not forever
Be taken apart, undone.

Whenever I find myself alone
And missing her vital spark,
I look for somebody, complementary
All alone in the dark.
For she may be there looking for me
As I am looking for her,
We'll always know by the eyes that glow
If love is the only spur.

I'll know by the velvet touch of her hand
The rosy blush on her cheek,
I'll know when we come across each other
Far more than once in a week,
For fate has the strangest tricks to play
It leads us all on a dance,
By throwing the me and you together
It's never coincidence.

So woman, come from the shadows now
To meet, wherever you are,
A pad of feet on a lonely street
Or locked in a passing car.
We need each other to be together
If only to say we live,
Come be a part of this lonely heart,
I only have love to give.

2 August 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: romance