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Tomb Of My Heart - Poem by Alex Fischer

Light is shining ever shining
Earth is burning ever burning
Death is yet to come
A crow a swallow
Follow they follow
Singing songs of grief and sorrow
They sing this tune on this very noon
“People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs”

Time is waiting
Life is fading
Through the light and dark alike
Angels singing
Demons leaving
Leaving to the darkening night
Yet they are singing ever singing
“People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs of light”

Death is coming, death is coming
Destroying life it tis destroyed
Running, running people running
Escaping ever, running never
Running from thy line of sight
Escaping ever from thy blinding light
Slowly, slowly ever draining all my frightening night
As it transfers, oh it transfers into my holy might
It is singing ever singing
“People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs this night”

Night is raging
Storms engaging
God's fight for the glee
People screaming, people screaming trying to break free
Dulling, dulling, forces pulling
Pulling free of raptors calling
Stalling, though never stalling
Gods are frightening blood is flying
Gods are saying, voices praying
“People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs, oh gracious God please help us, for these Gods oh doth they smite us'

I am sitting, ever sitting in my ghastly room
Listening to the arcs of maidens whispering to my tomb
Life is falling, death not appalling
Reverence is the key
To the times of life of my accursed of mine, no longer dwells in history
I am thinking, ever thinking acting cautiously
Wondering if it is a problem this accursed life of me
Two conclusions I have reached
No matter what the preacher preached
This is the answer
This fellow in Ganster

The man in Ganster
He hath the answer
The one of life itself
If it is a worthy thing to even live in stealth
A decision I have reached
To the martyr I have creeped
Live alone for no shall shone
The ghastly sickly wreath of bone and stone
No longer live for life and love alone

Dead! Dead! Dead it be!
Let it take the life of me!
For what is life but a sickly death?
The answer is nothing! Love has left me to wallow in a filthy tress
Wounded! That's what I was
Dead! That's what I have become
Stars be damned! Moon go away!
I wish to be left alone in these sad days!

Love is gone, a forgotten lore
I am moving away, leaving the Eastern shore!
To a place of sadness, God please take me away!
Bane me from this hell-trodden place!
I wish not to see that beautiful face!
Love is forlorn
And now I mourn
If Israfel, the one who so tell
The way of light to me
If I did listen
Life might have glistened
And things may have turned out better for me

But yet life is not easy
I am left queasy
I am quite uneasy
Left to breezy of the wheezy
White clouds turn black
Blue skies turned back
Life darkens to shade
Color is missing
Wind no longer whistling
It only whistles through the old rotten bone that stayed
In the old porous stone that was made
In the eyes of the man who once roamed
Hither and thither
Blapsopop and Clacksostop
They go hand-in-hand
Through the valley of the dead, which is the spirit land
They whisper they whisper, they whisper to me
'People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs of death and misery'

Shivers and critters fallen and buried bones
In the cold lost eyes of the hopes that once they did shown
Miseries of miseries! Deaths of deaths!
What a foul ridden filthy large black tress
That I have fallen into, nevertheless
As I lay around
In this hell-ridden ground
Thy buried ones surround
And raise my hopes to the ground
And yes they do surround
The death, my death that is found

Love forbading
Life is fading
Darkness reigning
Evil baning
Good is waning
Hope is failing
Trust is a wailing in its hell trodden tomb
So forth they fall into the night
Praying for sky of light
Doth it come? Oh I say not
It is hiding from thy heart distraught
Crying, crying ever crying
'People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs where love once was the maidens glove and now has been put to doom'

Darkness creeping
Heroes is weeping
Evil once again resumes
It feeds on the souls of men, but that's not all it consumes
It eats my heart full of yeast
And puts me to the doom of my tomb

Graveyard is cold
Hope is not bold
Dead man is old
So I have been told
And death hath gone to unfold
The Reaper doth travel to the ones who unravel
The mysteries of the God of old
Or so I am told
Tombstones, tombstones, hell-ridden crypts!
No one doth miss, the man who doth live in the mossy bane crypts
Family graves oh what a trave
Trave that I have not missed
It cometh to me every week of the day
Oh and I pray, oh how much I pray that the
'People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs, doth lie in a tress that lies in the West, please taketh me to that the vastly tombs'

Treading, treading, the devil goes
How so does he go if he haveth no toes?
With no toes doth he fly with his foes?
Or does he slither and shake for goodness sake?
What do I know for I have but ten toes, with a pencil to write the thoughts of so little to care
The things in life that can leave the thrice
Are of a certain doom

Carry on, carry on do I
Hanging with a certain gloom
And oh my
How can I live with this certain doom?
By the life of me
I dare not see the fair maiden
For life is a traiven
My heart is forbaden
To love in the mainsendation
How the death of it sings
'People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs, the babies they are dying in their mothers wombs'

'Why do you say such ghastly things?
If love is dead than why do you sing?
Such songs of grief and misery? '
'Death, ' they reply, 'is not a ghastly thing so that's why we all sing, '
'People falling, people falling into the vastly tombs, so you will too move into the vastly tombs of so much gloom, ever living in those sickly tombs'

Tombs they do say, these tombs go way
For love doth not stay
In a heart that is buried away
That still sings to this day
'I have fallen, I have fallen into the vastly tombs, the one I didst love hath killed me this day, and now I face a reptorious is doom! '

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