Mikey G

Took A Breath - Poem by Mikey G

Took a breath,
a breath of air, dense, moisture,
Rough on the lungs, hard to fill,
catching what I haven’t lost yet,
to prevent a reaction to prevent fright,
to keep moving, looking for the clean and fresh,
it doesn’t exist every thing tainted every thing used,
dirty, filthy, abused, recycled,
nothing new nothing untouched,
left on a limb alone by ourselves
self preservation kicks in you become a new animal,
something different capable of anything
murder, rape, terrorism,
it’s inside you from day one
like a light switch quick to change
become different
constant battle of evil and good
constant fights for religion
constant fights in the hood
decisions and choices
future mistakes love and hate
death and sorrow
new born and happiness
divorce and step parents
depression, suicide
the world’s in tunnel vision
like a child with an imagination
we only see the good
and the rest only exist in books
as fiction or history
war and pride
be all you can be
we’re programmed from young
can’t see what you don’t believe
I'm tired exhausted,
fought too much by my self
fought too much for others
without recognition or reward
fought for love and friendship
but is it real? do i believe in something only i can see
because only i believe... is it worth fighting for?
maybe just maybe................

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 17, 2009

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