Somia Race

Rookie (27 september / Pakistan)

Torture Of Ur Love! ! - Poem by Somia Race

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My NotesEdit import settingsEditTorture of his love! by Somi Jalfrezi on Thursday, August 19,2010 at 1: 31am
Torture of his love
It hurts when he crosses my mind
It hurts when he touches my soul
Turnb me A blood sucker
Where I turn u into vempire
U just get option to fly with me
Its @ll with wings to unknown
Crushed in messy Accident
Me crAmped n twisted
Thirsting in vague ventures
Of his ystaineass
Squeezed to deth
I'm dieing
Locked in hell of mine
Where noone Around
Just f@te mking me dumb sick
L@ast pinstA to stolen glory
Dumped in luscious bitterness of u
Turn me to etearnity
Beg u for mercy
Shine upoun me
Torture of ur love
Hits me b@dly
Sp@rks in d@rkness
Where u twinkle @n eye on me
I get in somthing of ur sweet p@in
It hurts to de@th
Still longs to unvisulized hell
Torture of ur love
It kills me
Killing my soul to emptiness
Torture of ur love
Wish to turn u into vempire
Where u n me st@nd
unique out of world
B mine I give u just one more rythm to my soul pr@y
Pr@y the hunts of mine

I'm dieing in ur p@in
Love lust gl@mour sweetness bitternes
Ur virtue to me
@ll in torturing me
Torture of ur love
The w@y u turn me smile from hell
Is virtue of ur n@ked love to me
The hell u go through widout me
D@ts virtue u hide from me
Crisp torchy simplicity
In murmuring p@in of bulbul
Torture of ur love
Mesmerising in u

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 20, 2010

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