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Trapped In The Magical Kingdom - Poem by Justin Gildow

The enchanted bridge glows in
the distance
The sun has shown itself again
It's a new day here in the Magical
Yet, I'm an outsider
Or at least I feel like one
And I'm trapped

I see the sorcerer's daughter
in the distance
She runs up to meet her friend
The daughter of the evil queen
Yet, for the reputations I hear
about them
I wonder if they're true
Of if they're false

As it is
I can't find a way
out of here
There's nothing enchanted
here to help me
As it is
I'm trapped in the Magical

Magical cookies are getting
passed around
A batch makes its way into
my hands
Looking at them
I can't tell what kind of
magical effects these things
Should I eat one

It's another day here in
the Magical Kingdom
I sit underneath an enchanted
apple tree
I know how magical these
apples are
And the many uses they can
be used for

Sitting under the enchanted
apple tree
I see part of outside the
Magical Kingdom

The ultimate couple makes
their appearance
Not that far away from me
They're loved and adored by
Yet, I don't give much thought
of them

I wonder if the magical wand
is still here
I wonder if it's still kept
away safe
And hopefully hasn't fallen
into the wrong hands

The day is young here in the
Magical Kingdom
The girl in the kimono says
hi to me
I wave to her

In the distance
I see the dwarf's son reading
Or perhaps he's studying
I have no idea

Enjoying this time
This time to myself
I find myself distracted
by the fairy godmother's
In her left hand, she's
carrying a picnic basket
Under her right arm, she's
carrying a picnic blanket

She asks me if I'd like to
join her for a picnic
Which is somewhat foreign
to me
Since I wanted to be on
my own
Since I enjoyed being on
my own
Yet, I can tell she's
I can tell she's sensitive
And I'd feel bad for telling
her to leave

And so
Without making her wait
I tell her she can join me

She sits the picnic basket down
I get up from my spot underneath
the enchanted apple tree to help
her lay down the blanket

Once that's done
We sit down on the blanket
She opens up her basket
She offers me magical treats
And sweet tea

As we eat and drink
She tells me that she's seen
me around
Here in the Magical Kingdom
She wonders why I don't make
more of an effort to get to
know the many that are here
I tell her I have no answer
for that
Perhaps I enjoy being on my
Perhaps I'm looking beyond
the enchanted gates
Perhaps wanting to cross the
enchanted bridge
Or perhaps wondering if one
of these days isn't my last
Here in the Magical Kingdom

She tells me that certain
people care
That certain people care
about me
Even she does
I tell her thanks
Her kindness and thoughtfulness
are greatly appreciated

As we finish off our picnic
She tells me that she'll be
my friend
Even though I feel like I'm
trapped in the Magical Kingdom
She tells me she'll see me

As our picnic ends
And everything's been cleaned
and packed away
She approaches me and gives me
a hug

She tells me she must be off
But she'll see me around
She gives me one of her hair
Just to remember me of our
first day as friends

As she leaves with her basket
and blanket
I stare down at the hair ribbon
in my hand
A smile crosses my face
Maybe I could start to enjoy
the wonders of this place
Even if I feel I'm trapped in
the Magical Kingdom

From afar
I see the dalmation lady's son
He's joined by the vizier's son
Partners in crime
They seem to be
We acknowledge each other from
Somewhere in the distance
I can see the son of a prince
He smiles at me
As if he's happy for me
Feeling like finally
He heads off in one direction
I head off in the other
In the magical kingdom

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