Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

Bronze Star - 2,527 Points (02/09/1978 / San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA)

Tree Spheres - Poem by Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

Like the Painted human denied sheer dignity

Key to the cage of religion & it's bars of divinity

They don't bare life they live

They don't take nor do they give

Tree Spheres aren't love & they sure aren't hate

Untouched by destiny, doom, & fate

As they are formed so they exist

Nothing to enforce nor to resist

Roots so deep they burn with heat

Hearts so pure they brew not beat

Bark as strong as they're light

Able to start or prevent life

Breaths that inhale space itself

Unconsciousnesses that inherently face themselves

From their very beginnings unto their very last breaths

They dream countless births and untold deaths

Mercury & Jupiter, the young and old

Dance for joy around their disk of gold

Celestial seeds planted in space

That grow & expand like a living face

Like your eyes by the time you reached 20 years

That cried countless tears as a thousand spheres

But commodities aren't nurtured they're murdered, or martyred

By Luciferian traders that reduce life to a barter

A trade made by a traitor is all that it is

Regardless of what in the deal he gives

Trees Spheres are merely his next victim to rape

As he convinces his victims it's their only escape

From this Tree Sphere that bore us as long as She could

If it was her choice, The Mother of wood

She'd bare us forever if she could muster the strength

But alas, She's been battered so brutal & at such length

With this straight razor at our descendant's throat

Repeating this process is our only hope

Somebody's child will kiss Earth good-bye

Only because She's about to die

Like our children die in cribs

Who's gonna wonder what they did

Not the dead but the crying

Not the heroes but the dying

The grandmothers now raising that fodder

Not even aware of the curse that's got her

Like Earth Herself, they await divine aide

10,000 years in, it's the worst mistake ever made

War is dripping acid upon your mother because you're told

Then rationalizing the trauma by believing it was bold

Tree Spheres are Life's last plane

That doesn't change the epitome of insane

Tree Spheres are like women's ghost

Their what insanity hates the most

Like Africa's heritage or Native Nations

There is plenty of sense of why they hate them

And we knows who's who in this social equation

That's killed a whole planet it's that bad a situation

But bare up this burden like some holy writ

Watch human tear, fray and rip

Watch this Earth, watch our mother

Watch as these maniacs viciously smother

Hold us down with force & hoarded need

Dressed in political religions, adorned with greed

These are the same killing at will

These mutha fuckas manufacture every pill

When you ask why cancer is up 400% since '78

Cause you'd rather give up your children than make them great

Like you stand & watch your Mother being strangled

With a fascist flag & a banner star spangled

No one stopped them from hunting Shaman

Like Mao proved, massacres draw men

The survivors who turned in the dead

Because some demon with a weapon said

Unfold into the future like Willie Lynch foretold

Like Civilization's value in silver & gold

They'll sell off our Mother cause they cut up her face

Now they claim, just look at her, she's become a disgrace

Not for a reason other than species wide treason

And religious, military & political malfeasance

Tree Spheres are our children's grandchild

Their first breath will be our efforts or our denial

If God remains more than this Tree Sphere with which we live

Then to that God our children we'll give

To know themselves & thrive in health

To rot with disease in the pursuit of wealth

But the more that die, the less we'll cry

Till we are so hurt we'll believe the lie

And we'll join the side who does no evil

As we kill Mother Earth right from under the people

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