Trump The Chump Poem by Leah Ross

Trump The Chump

Rating: 3.1

Is a fraud & a joke tells 71 in an hour his words are empty full of fluff has no respect for the dead is very dangerous that I will say is Sodom & Gomorrah rolled into one talks a good game speaks pretty words talks on everything & anything hasn't a clue hates all woman even Megan kelly reminds me of Hitler who was a evil dictator who hated all jews ordered the killing & genocide of a million plus jews left them to die in mass Graves bodied piled on top of the other isn't opposed to using nuclear weapons would gladly nuke America if given the chance wants to build walls to keep Mexicans, illegals out if you want another dictator a Nazi at the helm vote for Trump the chump who wants to build walls with taxpayer dollars

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: random thoughts
A B Faniki 01 October 2019

The message is cloud and clear A heartfelt piece. Cheers

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Dominic Windram 18 December 2017

So true Leah...I simply adore the innovative, stream of consciousness style of your poetry!

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Rajnish Manga 17 August 2017

A very thought provoking poem with the political backdrop prevailing at the time of US Presidential elections. It reflects global concerns. Thanks.

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Brian Taylor 20 March 2017

This was a nice poem Leah.

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