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Respect - Poem by David Harris

If we can not respect another
How can we expect them to respect us
If we can not respect someone’s beliefs
How can we expect them to respect ours
If we can not respect another’s race
How can we expect that race to respect us
If we can not respect others
How can we expect respect in return

Everyone expects respect
No matter who they are
The only way to gain it
Is to start treating everyone
As a friend, a brother, a sister
As part of our extended family
No matter what colour or creed they are
Only then you will start to get
The respect you so dearly crave

Comments about Respect by David Harris

  • fucksovic 6/12/2020 1:03:00 AM

    is my thing pls touch my Reply

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  • respect 8/30/2019 4:53:00 PM

    sir i just love it.very true one Reply

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  • my but 1/11/2019 10:16:00 AM

    tljbjdn; ju; nnpunpd ph hp Reply

    saramargaridax (5/9/2020 9:01:00 AM)

    really poetic.. congratulations!

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  • Mercynius 4/10/2018 1:20:00 AM

    respect it a good thing in our life, that the best thing you have to learn in your family, like the way you talk and the way you walk, and show your good behaviour in your family and others Reply

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  • Terri Hawes 2/27/2017 9:15:00 PM

    If only all would respect as yo so eloquently state Reply

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  • Allotey Abossey 5/27/2015 5:08:00 PM

    Well said. God bless you Reply

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  • Howard The Motivational Poet Simon 5/15/2015 9:36:00 AM

    What a better world we would have if everyone lived by the principles of this poem. Reply

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  • Sally Plumb Plumb 4/26/2015 3:20:00 AM

    We must all be respectable. Reply

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  • Alvy Shaji 9/19/2012 12:33:00 AM

    This Poem is just amazing!
    iits so true! respect is for everyone!

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  • Chelsea Davies 3/30/2009 10:08:00 PM

    this poem is so awesome
    it is true

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Respect Poems

  1. Sonnet: Respect

    Respect your elders all if they deserve; Respect your servants too who you well serve; Respect your father for tilling the soil; Respect your mother for her love and toil. Respect all teachers who gave you knowledge; Respect your friend who saved you from the ledge; Respect all good minds who advised you good; Respect the man of God who gave soul’s food. Respect all strangers who were all Godsends; Respect your foes who taught you self-defense; Respect those evil men who you troubled; Respect the tempter who well you misled. Respect your conscience which tells you what’s right; Respect your God who is your Friend and Guide.

  2. Respect Time!

    Respect! Respect! Time I respect you Time is of great essence Respect time Before it imposes on you a sentence As if you have committed a crime Time is precious like a diamond Time must come first never second Respect time For time itself is the sublime Time never waits Time decides fates In time itself you create The food you eat off your plate In time itself you love and hate And find a partner or some mates Respect time, underrate it not Don’t say ‘time passed, I forgot’ There is a time to be late There is a time to debate There is a time to wait for someone Before time decides to shorten the fun Remember time waits for no one Time also catches up with those on the run Respect time The essence of time Is its continuous presence And its everlasting absence And denial of the past tense Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

  3. Respect, Respect Me

    Respect, respect me, I say In every single way Respect me day by day Don’t put me down When we are out and about with people around Playing me like a fool Portraying me as one who never went to school Respect me sweet heart Till life sets us apart Respect my needs Listen and take heed Respect to me is what means love And not those commonly spoken words, ‘I love you’ To respect me is to publicly and privately honour me To respect me is to listen attentively while I speak To respect me is to bread and butter my desire to be free To respect me is to stand by me when I am weak Look up! Look up to me! I may not be perfect Nor a genius of an intellect Respect, respect me & our love will stand erect! Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

  4. A Lesson In Self Respect

    Nobody gives a damn about you Until you pick up a gun or strap on a bomb And kill someone with your version of kindness Nobody gives a damn about you Until you have a couple too many drinks Get behind the wheel of your SUV And kill someone with your version of having fun Nobody gives a damn about you Until you call someone a Honky or a Nigger And kill someone with your version of the truth Nobody gives a damn about you Until you learn to give a damn about yourself