Two Friends Poem by Yonah Jeong

Two Friends

Rating: 4.8

i lost my friend
Without knowing friend's bitter tears
Only knew laughter of a friend
i saw a friend by my standard
i didn't know
How much my friend to preserve a friendship
i met a friend
With half love and complete hypocrisy
i didn't know
How my friend's laughter from deep pain
After losing my friend to death
A friend i knew.

i got a friend
Remembering my small and careless words
Shake off a small pocket
Comforted my leaving heart
Take the cross that i should bear
With soothing my lost things
Walked in tears and consideration
Now, From the eyes of timidity and doubt
To tolerance and trust
And looking around and
Made to knock on the door of tomorrow
A friend i got.

Varsha M 12 January 2021

This is really beautiful friendship. We really don't cherish goodness of a friend unless it is lost. Full score and into my favourite.

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Jonghwan Jeong 12 January 2021

Yes your comment is correct we are foolish... we know after our treasure loose i decided i do not do again. Thank you.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 January 2021

I get tears inside, I cried in solitude, beacuse this poem of honesty touched my heart, valuable words we can learn from, brilliant poem as TMPOTD. Hooray! 5 Stars!

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Unnikrishnan E S 24 February 2022

A friend in need is the friend indeed! And In Deed too. In the contemporary world, we do not have patience to build that deed friendships. Often, we fail, and we fail our friends too.

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Jonghwan Jeong 15 January 2021

Thank your good comment.

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Dr Shailesh Veer 15 January 2021

Magnificently crafted.

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Soulmate 13 January 2021

I miss my friend my best friend we are connected and we are not tallking i miss our friendship

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Varsha M 13 January 2021

Congratulations for this poem being chosen as POD...A worthy writing.

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