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At Times, I Ask Of Myself.

Naturally, with my kind of attitude.
Least I bother.
Last am to care.

A Simple Smile Is A Simple Matter Of Great Complexity!

But still, if done nicely.

And well done nicely?

Love, Its Love, My Love!

Every time, I think
I think of you.

I think & I re think

Emptiness That Seeps In

I have toiled to bring a certain standard to things,
I presume to be sticking on with them,

Emptiness might crawl at times,

Why Can't We Walk Just Purpose-Free?

Why aims are even necessary
give and take is necessary
questions are necessary
answers are necessary

Sumita Jetley Quotes

04 February 2021

Think, to forego! Mostly.

08 February 2021

Keep me simple! Keep me no-frills! Keep me as I am. Thoughts-so detached.

10 February 2021

People go and there's not much new! The rituals keep on.

12 February 2021

It is important to keep afloat. Stagnation is static & against the principle.

16 February 2021

Patience if you have, the rest is sorted. The majority is about you not acknowledging the simplest facts.

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M L SAPRA 21 August 2021

Appreciate your saintly thoughts, though

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