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Naturally, with my kind of attitude.
Least I bother.
Last am to care.

But still, if done nicely.

And well done nicely?

Every time, I think
I think of you.

I think & I re think

I have toiled to bring a certain standard to things,
I presume to be sticking on with them,

Emptiness might crawl at times,

Moonlit visions, paths becoming clear,
No divide between far and near.
In cosmic dance, love does reign,
The Sufi's soul entwined, forever to remain.

Bud of flowers bright,
Unfolding grace, sweet delight,
Nature's gift of light.

Sadness prevails on me,
Eating up into me.

But I nevertheless keep it company for I am also in love.

Why aims are even necessary
give and take is necessary
questions are necessary
answers are necessary

In Delhi's lanes where spices blend,
I found a tale that has no end.
A girl named Aisha, young and free,
Like wind, she asked, 'How can you confine me? '


few gaps
a swift moodiness,

i think

I want to but take refuge in thinking that it is
all nothing happening at all.

But then, it just happens, happens from a latest and new end.

They soar on wings of silk and air,
Painting stories without compare

I want them


Come Home

On whose wings

And disappearing

New thought
New everything

Except Old we?

With words

Golden sun rises,
Painting the sky with beauty,
New day, new promise.

Amidst the tides of thoughts that rise,
And fall within my mind's own skies,
I quietly surrender, let go,
Emotions ebb, emotions flow.

What you're
How you're


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At Times, I Ask Of Myself.

Naturally, with my kind of attitude.
Least I bother.
Last am to care.

Day by day, there is always a day to look forward to.
Am vague but in time play.
Always on move, always on go.

Always going places on my own.

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M L SAPRA 21 August 2021

Appreciate your saintly thoughts, though

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Sumita Jetley Quotes

Think, to forego! Mostly.

Keep me simple! Keep me no-frills! Keep me as I am. Thoughts-so detached.

People go and there's not much new! The rituals keep on.

It is important to keep afloat. Stagnation is static & against the principle.

Patience if you have, the rest is sorted. The majority is about you not acknowledging the simplest facts.

Kept thinking and then one day realized it led to almost nothing.

I am very excited at times. To know that there are things that still excite me.

Is this a limbo or i am nearing destinations when nothing is clear?

Does breathing decide how much of 'life' left in it?

Whys are not important always to be answered for the sake of others!

When at times, the brain stops functioning. Meditate

Compositions grow on their own when the composer is in sync with destiny.

I'm so tongue-in-cheek. I'll bleed. Yet I'll not squeak.

Breathe. And this fixes every bit of it. As such.

Mostly it is a good idea to contemplate much nothing!

Not so needed Great to be a let go! Yet a tirade is as necessary!

Short breaks are great rescues!

Short breaks are great rescues!

Do what you love the most. Love most what you do!

Think but what? What not. Both ways anyways it's a thought

Let me live. In whatever form I bloom. I am too much now I am attached to it. This breathing second.Which will not be there after this very one.

Chase nothing, don't go crazy about anything. Let the universe move in its own stride. Wherever it wants to go!

Abstract as it has always been! It shall always be just like that

Criteria are never mixed up lives are!

Creation is a mystery, Mysteries thus too are creative?

Chocolate is the candy of mind, soul and world. 'Crazy'

Let life pass what else could be its purpose than 'flow' rather?

Day be like somebody likable! Know her.

the things are like that creativity is like that just terrific as it gets the things are like that creativity is like that it is really like that?

the things are like that verbal and non-verbal. Yet there!

Let me create some life today right here with me living

Create if you can till you can. And you can!

Trick me not life! I know it is you so upfront.

Occasions be there. Let them be. You can still give them a skip. Need be.

care what but care is all that what is it- healing!

Create and reflect yet still touch up your creation untouched!

The central message is what? Key statement perhaps or a prelude!

Daydreaming is okay, night is not always the only rightful owner.

Choose to be alone and uncrowded.

Sleep! It's the night. Don't look at clock- I said something factually right.

Sit and watch. This is all a hysterical show.

Get a hang of skies, you'll know what is freedom!

You remain you. Nothing changes unless you decide to react!

Greatness is a myth so mixed up with illusions.

the sun bloomed as a sunflower when nature persisted.

Each morning to its own. Yet so owned up by all 'evenly'

why bother with everything when you can be specific in your choices?

I understand that I would need to be the one to understand most of the time

Mornings are precious beginnings!

When I don't capture a poem, I take respite in quotes so naturally!

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Sumita Jetley Popularity

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