No Name To give

“[u] N [me] N [me] N [u]” - Poem by No Name To give

[U] Want [ME] to give my heart to [U]; I see it in [UR] eyes
[U] Want [ME] to see the care that [U] have for [ME] on the inside
I can’t open up my heart to [U] right now, it’s still fragile, and it’s in its healing stage
[U] tell [ME] ur a doctor; [U] can heal my broken heart,
These tears running down my cheeks tell [ME] not to trust it
It hurts [ME] to know that [U] just may be the real deal, but it just may kill [ME] to know that I’m ruining a good thing
I don’t want to be in this alone
I don’t want to be set up for disappointment in any way shape or form
Let me just ask u,
Are [U] going to care for [ME] like a baby or a baby with a Barbie doll
Are [U] going to leave when the going’ gets tough or feel our love getting stronger
Are [U] going to carry my heavy baggage or buy [ME] new wardrobe
[U] know,
I think of my heart as a racer and [U] as my hearts opponent
I set myself up at the starting mark n go as fast as I can but I always end up tripping into the pothole of love as soon as the race begins
I’m scared to feel again... I admit it... but just be patient with [ME] please...
Just give [ME] a head start...let [ME] get half way there
Just follow close behind [ME], but please don’t pass [ME] by
If ur going too fast, just slow down for [ME]
I promise I won’t stay at this speed forever
Once I’m ready to go for the gold [WE] can hit it together... both being winners of each other’s hearts
I do believe in us, I’ll give it a try, but please just be patient with my trust…

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poem Edited: Thursday, December 24, 2009

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