Un-Followed Wisdom - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

Consideration for another's lively hood
Seeing things that can be better
Saying so only makes a meddlesome person
Only the best interest is at heart
Same direction that parents of time have or tried to
Instill in their children
There is nothing under sun
Words of wisdom has been given since
Before our time… so why is it not
We don't listen
Is it an
Ego thing… thinking there are differences in everyone
Defiant notions… don't care…no one can tell you what to do
Age… either too young to know better or to old
Set in the ways developed
Just like all things mentioned by experience …
Words go in one ear and out the other
This prose will been seen by one eye and blinded by the other
Are the words of wise really taken to heart
Maybe later… once the situation arise & the
Echoes of knowledge ring
Sayings of…" I told you so"… "he/she told me why didn't I listen"
Inevitable…everyone has to go there
In order to become the expert in our own lives
Some things spoken are not for everyone
Picturing one rolling the life of another
Is not at ride one wants to ride
Just like finger prints… not one person is identical
Consideration for another's livelihood
Is needed right or wrong
Either way lessons will be learned…

JenOfPoetry ™
©March 2012

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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