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We both want what is best for this.
Jeopardizing by rushing into it can be detrimental to our groundwork.

In order for me to be comfortable with a higher honor I must find out what how compatible we both can be.

Just because the attraction is there and common ground on a few things are in view does not mean that there is a future with us too.

Don’t be down hearted because there is a resilient notion that we could be one.

Let’s take this slow, create our blue print, and build upon the foundation that has been created, making it stronger, constructing a tower of power where no man can destroy.

Infatuation and love are two different sides of affection so we must determine what ours is. It all feels good until the tests come into play and feeling get hurt but how we handle the sun and rain will decide how far we can fly.

Let’s be each other’s wings.

When I tire pick me up, when you’re losing power I will be the force that motivates you.

A tie so durable, an unraveling cord can be stopped giving us lasting hope and desire with reminders of how we began in the first place, restoring our mission to love harder, removing all obstacles which will be place before us.

There is a war going on to divide and conquer and we need to know that I am that solider you can depend on when it’s time to fight.

Like the Isley’s I am living for the love of you. The more engaged we become the more I feel it shine through.

I refuse to let it die under my watch. Therefore I give an honorable discharge to the urgency of being one and take on the plan to develop a strategy to ensure our safety in this operation to ensure that we come out in one piece.

I can’t promise there won’t be any war wounds
I can’t promise there won’t be any confusion
But if we maneuver with trust, discernment and understanding with one another I can say we will love for a lifetime because we have both shown to each other the distance we will go.

Please don’t take this in the wrong way just know I adore and care for you in the most possible way. In my prayers at night I beg that we are the ones we been waiting for.

So take my hand, believe in me as I do you; let us protect what we have built thus far.

JenOfPoetry 'Metaphorically Speaking'

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