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Unconditional Love - Poem by Keith Sly Simpson

He comes to see me wearing a pink shirt,
A bouquet of blue roses in his hand and cuts that might hurt.
He enters with the roses, a bit shy,
Looks at me and smiles and I don't know why?

"Who are you? Do I know you? " I ask
"No yes or maybe! I am Kayden Kent, here to complete my life's biggest task! "
"What is it? " I ask with curious eyes and a strange rise in my heartbeat,
"Kalyx, these are roses from our garden, which you used to find so sweet."

"You admired them more than anything,
And I fell in love with you and your everything,
Strange that I could tell you this never,
But this is my time or I'll have to hold my peace forever."

He knelt down, and sat in a familiar pose,
I didn't know what to say as he gave me those rose,
He says- "I know you find them pretty but I know who's much prettier
It is certainly you, for whom I do this, which isn't easier.

Kalyx Katherine Kurt, I believe that I have fallen for you,
Please accept my love and let me love you."
I stood frozen but I knew my cheeks turned pink,
A strange affection hit me and I knew in his love I did sink.

I couldn't stop myself of what I felt,
It all seemed so familiar and my heart just melt',
"Oh yes! But I still don't know you!
And it's weird and wonderful how I feel a strange connection too! "

"Love is the connection you feel Kalyx,
You too love me, and now those three words become six.
Now that we love let me tell you a secret Sweetie,
We are more than it all just appears; the probability for you to remember is 50: 50."

I was all confused but for to see him I did smile.
He came further and we sat on the bed, talked and talked for a while.
Suddenly placing a kiss on my cheek he rose again.
This time with misty eyes he said "remember me as we'll meet again."

And then just like that he left after all that says
I remember myself saying "YES I will always."
A woman in white entered after him.
Asking about my health and my meeting with him.

Telling me the other side of the story she told me,
"Kayden is your husband who comes every day to see,
If you would remember him again, again and again,
Which you never do apparently, giving away the same pain again and again.

Having been diagnosed with Alzheimer for 2 years,
You have forgotten your marriage with him of 5 years.
Hiding his emotions and all his fears,
He comes everyday to see one smile from your side and that voice that he hears.

So he always proposes you the same way, knowing the result
Loving you like the first time and watching that same smile as its result."
And I tried hard to recollect every word my ears had gain,
But it was all a blank memory lane.

So before I would forget all, I penned down thoughts of my own.
"I love you Kayden, not for the past relation which seems unknown.
But for today, for now and for all the very seconds,
For the roses, words and talks we did holding hands.

I will soon forget my words for you and what you confess,
I still am trying to know all that's been between us.
But sorry for it all and love you for all today.
May this letter find you in a good shape, someday."

Folding it in two I gave it to the woman with me,
To give it to the man who comes to see me.
Taking the letter she nodded in response, making it all set.
I closed my eyes with sweet memories and a mind that would forget.

He comes to see me wearing a pink shirt,
A letter, a bouquet of blue roses, in his hand and cuts that might hurt.
He enters with the roses, a bit shy,
Looks at me and smiles and I don't know why?

Topic(s) of this poem: love, unconditional love

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