Underneath (13) Poem by Jorie Graham

Underneath (13)

needed explanation

because of the mystic nature of the theory

and our reliance on collective belief

I could not visualize the end

the tools that paved the way broke

the body the foundation the exact copy of the real

our surfaces were covered

our surfaces are all covered

actual hands appear but then there is writing

in the cave we were deeply impressed

as in addicted to results

oh and dedication training the idea of loss of life

in our work we call this emotion

how a poem enters into the world

there is nothing wrong with the instrument

as here I would raise my voice but

the human being and the world cannot be equated

aside from the question of whether or not we are alone

and other approaches to nothingness

(the term "subject")(the term "only")

also opinion and annihilation

(the body's minutest sensation of time)

(the world, it is true, has not yet been destroyed)

intensification void

we are amazed

uselessness is the last form love takes

so liquid till the forgone conclusion

here we are, the forgone conclusion

so many messages transmitted they will never acquire meaning

do you remember my love my archive

touch me (here)

give birth to a single idea

touch where it does not lead to war

show me exact spot

climb the stairs

lie on the bed

have faith

nerves wearing only moonlight lie down

lie still patrol yr cage

be a phenomenon

at the bottom below the word

intention, lick past it

rip years

find the burning matter

love allows it (I think)

push past the freedom (smoke)

push past intelligence (smoke)

whelm sprawl

(favorite city) (god's tiny voices)

hand over mouth

let light arrive

let the past strike us and go

drift undo

if it please the dawn

lean down

say hurt undo

in your mouth be pleased

where does it say

where does it say

this is the mother tongue

there is in my mouth a ladder

climb down

presence of world

impassable gap


I am beside myself

you are inside me as history

We exist Meet me

Jorie Graham

Jorie Graham

New York City, New York
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