Russell Crow

Silver Star - 3,325 Points (May 25th,1995)

Undivided Affection - Poem by Russell Crow

I need a little change of pace
take a flight to outer space
make an attempt to paint a face
upon a planet without moons
make an attempt to just spin across the rings of Saturn
I just need a little change of pace
change of air, change of atmosphere
maybe I'll sing a ballad of Myria
Well I could but if I should
I'd just be singing another lovesick ballad
of another fish who swam off the hook
I'd just be singing another lovesick ballad
how I had to part ways
from an angel so far away
I will go as far as to admit
I have no grievance with her
I have no bad tidings to wear out her name
I have no complaints
just one small regret
well I'll make it two
for I wish I had more time to be with her
for I wish I still had the chance to speak with her
All I have is a few pictures
all I have is a few pictures
and a few memories
of those late nights we stayed up and talked
of how she caught my eye
in full black and white makeup
sprinkled with a shiny ruby red
to create her mask of her favorite comic book villain
Maybe it was her eyes
maybe it was her personality
maybe it was how she seemed extraordinary
something I hadn't seen everyday
which caught my attention
snuck in and pulled the string
to give her my undivided affection
I could have called it love at first sight
but love didn't arise for a few days
a few weeks
I chose not to rush
but my plans go awry at first light
Still I cannot deny
she was my ray of sunshine
through my darkest November
she was my ray of sunshine
from mid October to early November
she was special
a marigold amongst dead weeds
a butterfly in a symphony of wasps
a perfect white cloud surrounded by hectic weather
She was special
oh Myria
She was special
still there's not much left I can say
guess it's her I miss to this day
I could conduct a search to find her
I could try to find her number and call her
I gave it thought
fished it out of the water
but I tossed it right back
for what if she is doing better without me
happier without me
I was a greedy old scrooge
with a mix of kind love and tenderness
but still greed showed more
so what...
I don't know
a misplace of context
for now I have lost my train of thought
for now my brain is scrambled
and my words have become rocks
Let me be honest
she was not perfect
Let me be honest
she was definitely worth it
Worth the month I spent
in fooled eyes
Worth the month I spent
wishing to hold her in my arms
as she planned to drive miles to be with me
Worth the month I spent
whispering tales of how she was my angel
sent from heaven
whispering tales of how she was my beautiful earth angel
telling her I would never leave
In my heart, my promise still remains true
Myria, I will never forget you
In my head, I ask myself is my promise still true
Myria, where are you
In reality, some would say I am just foolish
but Myria, I was a fool just in simple love with you
Myria, I could send a search party to find you
Myria, I could find your number once again and call you
a fished out thought
but I tossed it back
and let it swim for the rest of its life
Myria, for you could be doing better off without me
Myria, for you could be happier without me
for I was a greedy scrooge
but I'd do anything to make it all up to you
Hey Myria
I love you
Hey Myria
I will never forget you
but Myria
I will forever miss you
and cradle you in my dreams
well for my famous last words
well for a fond memory
to spend forever with you

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