Kim Aouad

Veteran Poet - 1,919 Points (November 25th,1998 / Beirut, Lebanon)

Unfair Pain Atonement - Poem by Kim Aouad

He cant blame pain for the things going on in his life
He can however blame me for a big part of the pain
But he doesnt have to let it consume him
Pain is a fire that burns on our soul's weakness and leaves our bodies ashes on the rotten ground
And the only way to put it out is to cut it off its resources
Eliminate the weakness
Before it melts the strength we have left making us in the process objects of destruction
Before it empties us from everything that makes us who we are
He has reached a point where the pain inside of him has grown to become an uncontrollable fire
And it's eating his common sense away
Piece by piece
It's drying his eyes by drinking the tears that cascade from them
And it will not stoo
Unless he finds a way to stop it
It is in no way an easy task
But if there is one thing I have learned in life
And after all the shit I've been in
It would be that pain is our slave
And not the other way around
We can use the pain to make us stronger
And we can use it as a torch to light our path as we venture through life
But something we must prohibit is to let it get the best of us
If it does
The cost would be more pricey than the richest man can pay
What is worse than losing a father in the time of most dire need?
I am a billion percent sure that losing a girl who lost herself first isn't the answer to that question
Let him grieve the loss he believes is the worst
And I do not wish him feeling any kind of loss that is worse
Eventhough there are some to which losing a relationship is irrelevant
But I also do not want him to grieve for a lost love still alive
I grieved the loss of my own father whom I needed way more than he might need any girl in his life
And despite it being true that I harmed myself in the process of doing so and for a bunch of other reasons
Pain did not get the best of me
What I did - what I was and still am capable of doing - to myself are not the best of me
And neither are what he is doing
I want him to realize where he'll reach if he lives on that way
I need him to forget the pain
And use it for his own benifit
Let him mold it into the form he sooner better than later wants to become
Pain is everywhere it is inevitable
But that doesn't make it the end of the world
The end of the world is peaceful
And as long as he is not at peace with neither himself nor the people around him
The ghost of pain will haunt him for a long long time
And its weight will with no doubt drown him
In the ocean of despair
Of which the surface is almost unreachable

Topic(s) of this poem: heartache, hurting, love and life, pain, painful, self harm

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